Assessment is the process of defining, selecting, designing, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and using information to increase students' learning and development. It includes discussions about what should be assessed and how information will be used, not just the hands-on testing of students. 
 --T.D. Erwin, (1991) Assessing Student Learning and Development
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Why are assessments done?

College and universities have come under increasing pressure from their various constituencies to demonstrate their effectiveness in measurable terms. The federal government, state legislatures, state boards of education, accrediting associations, boards of control, parents and families, students and the general public are demanding better results and greater accountability from higher education.


Learning Reconsidered
Intro elements of the student experience

Learning Reconsidered Tools
Experiential learning and employee student development at Ohio University

NIRSA Assessment Instrument
General and Speciality Standards for Collegiate Recreational Sports

Council for the Advancement of Standards Learning and Developmental Outcomes

AAHE 9 Principles of Good Practice

ACPA ASK Standards

ASUR Phases and Steps

Baldridge--Getting Started

Aligning CAS and Baldridge to Assess Co-curricular Success

2007 NIRSA Salary Census

First-Year (Freshmen) Undergraduate Involvement at Ohio University:  2001-02 and 2007-08

Learning Taxonomy
Cognitive Domain: Bloom
Affective Domain:  Krathwohl
Psychomotor Domain: Harrow

Assessement:  Matrix 1, Matrix 2, Matrix 3

Assessment -- Glossary

Excellence in Higher Education Organizational Checklist

OU Campus Recreation ProStaff and Graduate Assistant Assessment

OU Student Affairs Assessment Model


Campus Recreation Learning Outcomes - 2005 Staff Assessment

DRAFT Academic Support Unit Program Review, December 2008

ACTION PLAN Academic Support Unit Program Review 2009

Campus Recreation Employee Diversity Survery 2007

Campus Recreation Employee Diversity Survey 2008

Campus Recreation 2008 Impact Study

Campus Recreation 2009 External Review Report

iLead Post Assessment

Internal Audit Report 2009

Synopsis of General Fee

Intramural Charges 2008

Intramural Outcomes

Intramural Survey 2008

Ping Center Music Survey

Ping Center Patron Survey

Ping Center Patron Survey II

Ping Center Participant Survey

Ping Center Participant Survey II