Ping supports Ohio University's pursuit of sustainability and environmental stewardship. We aim to make environmentally responsible choices in regards to our facilities and processes by involving students, staff, and faculty in our efforts to reduce our consumption of resources and minimize our ecological footprint.

How Can Ping Participants Make an Impact? 

  • Use one of the Precor Ellipticals located in the Cardio Lookout to generate electricity from exercise! Green Power @ Ping
  • Recycle used water bottles, cans, newspapers and magazines in the many recycling receptacles in Ping.
  • Conserve water by taking shorter showers.

Ping Sustainability Initiatives

  • Administrative office uses recycled paper for printing e-mails, drafts and other internal documents.
  • We recycle plastic bottles, cans, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard throughout the Ping Center.
  • The Ping website is updated frequently with information to lessen the need for printed communications.
  • All computers are scheduled to shutdown at night.

The Ping Center staff has been collaborating with the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management to audit the amount of waste in facility.

“Installing the ReCardio System allows us to demonstrate both how energy is created and
used. Students will gain knowledge of issues related to sustainability and energy conservation and will be provided an opportunity to act on this new found knowledge. I think it’s important to create an environment that actively models best practices regarding sustainability rather than just talking about it,” - Dr. Douglas Franklin, Assistant Dean for Recreation and Wellness.

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