General Policies 

Welcome to the Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center

President Charles J. Ping, the 18th president of Ohio University, was the driving force behind building this state-of-the-art student recreational center.  The Ping Center opened in 1996 to serve university students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

We hope that you enjoy the facility and programs available at the Ping Center.  Listed in the User Guide are building policies and information that will be important as you use the facility.  The policies have been developed to assure your safety.  For more information or assistance, please ask the student supervisor on duty or stop by room 142.

The building is a fully accessible and ADA compliant which includes:

  • Handicap parking adjacent to the facility
  • Ground floor entry doors equipped with electric door openers
  • Wheelchair access to floors 1-3 via elevator.              
  • Wheelchair-accessible bathrooms
  • Wheelchair-accessible showers in the locker rooms and a special shower seat
  • Wheelchair-accessible lavatories with recessed work surface
  • Braille signage for the visually impaired indicating all room numbers
  • ADA Resistance Training Equipment


Regular Hours
          6:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.    Monday - Friday
          9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.    Saturday
        12:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.    Sunday
        9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.     Monday to Sunday
Business Office
          8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.     Monday to Friday

For Holiday Hours, please consult posted signs and the website: Facility Information


Ping Center Control Desk 593.9907
Ping Center Equipment Desk 593.9917
Ping Center Racquetball Reservations 593.9917
Ping Center Room Reservation 593.9921
Ping Center Special Events 593.9921
Campus Recreation Business Office 593.9901
Campus Recreation Fax Number 593.9903
Aquatic Center Control Desk 597.1367
Bird Arena Office 593.4623
Club Sports 593.9927
Driving Range 593.7238
Fitness 593.9919
Golf Course 593.4669
Intramural Sports Office 593.9946
Outdoor Pursuits Rental Center 597.2154
Tennis Center 593.9405


Assumption of Risk

The Ohio University Division of Campus Recreation is completely voluntary and participation is solely determined by free choice.   Since the university does not insure against accidents or injury incurred during recreational activities, it is strongly recommended that participants have a satisfactory health status and appropriate personal accident insurance coverage for any injury that may occur during participation in the Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center and/or the Division of Campus Recreation sponsored activities.


Student Membership

All students are assessed a mandatory recreation fee which includes the use of the Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center. This fee is covered as a portion of the general fees for both full-time and part-time students. Students who are not enrolled summer semester but were enrolled spring semester and/or are pre-registered for fall semester are eligible to purchase summer membership or enter at daily rate. Regional campus students may pay a daily fee or purchase a semesterly or annual membership.


All faculty/staff are eligible to purchase a semester or annual membership to use the Ping Center. An Ohio University faculty/staff ID is required for access to the facility and must be presented upon purchasing a membership.
Alumni Membership


Alumni are eligible to purchase a semester or annual membership to use the Ping Center. An Ohio University ID is required for access to the facility. Alumni will be given information regarding how to obtain an Ohio University ID.
Family Members


Dependents of a student, faculty/staff, and alumni are eligible for Ping Center memberships. A student, faculty/staff, or alumni must sponsor them. The sponsor must accompany the dependent or provide their ID and PID. Details to obtain an Ohio University Campus Connection card will be given to patrons at time of membership purchase. Regional campus spouses and/or dependents of student’s faculty/staff, and alumni are eligible for Ping Center memberships. All dependents must be under the age of 18.


Guest facility daily visit fee of $8 each paid at the Control Desk at the time of entrance. Daily fees are good for the entire day. A receipt must be obtained if the guest chooses to re-enter the facility numerous times during that day.  Departmental guest passes may be purchased through the Director of the Campus Recreation Business Office, Ping Center - Room 142.


Age 0-4:       Are not permitted in any areas of the Ping Center except Business Office or on tour of the facility.

Age 5-15:     Permitted into the facility with parental supervision during the following hours only:

                    Saturday:       9:00 a.m. —6:00 p.m. 
                    Sunday:         12:00 p.m. —  6:00 p.m.

                    *Must pay membership fee or guest pass fee.

Age 16-17:  Parental supervision is required while in the facility during all hours of operation. Must pay membership fee or guest pass fee.

                *Not permitted in the Fitness Center or Free Weight Room- Not permitted on any exercise equipment.

Age 18+:    Permitted in all areas of the building without supervision during all hours of operation. Must pay membership fee or guest pass fee.


  • A strict ID policy is enforced when entering the Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center. Everyone should be prepared to show his or her valid ID (i.e. OU student or faculty/staff photo ID). No one will be permitted into an activity area of the Ping Center without proper ID; this includes students enrolled in activity classes. If a question arises as to the validity of the presented ID, a second form of ID may be required. IDs used to gain illegal entrance into the Ping Center will be confiscated.
    • Students have 1 free forgiveness pass if they forget their OU ID, but must show some sort of photo identification to gain access. 
  • Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted in any area of the Ping Center.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the activity areas of the Ping Center. 
  • Non-marking, closed-toe, athletic shoes must be worn in all areas of the facility unless otherwise posted.
  • Tank-tops and cutoff shirts are permitted throughout the facility. Sports bras worn as a shirt are NOT permitted. Shirts must be full length. Please click here for a visual of the dress policy.
  • No bicycles, scooters, roller blades, or pets are permitted inside the Ping Center.
  • It is required that a parent/guardian remain in the same area with their child(ren) while in the Ping Center.
  • Photography and/or videotaping is only permissible after obtaining written authorization from the Ping Center or Marketing Director.
  • Movement of any building equipment may only be conducted by Ping Center staff members.
  • Modifications of equipment beyond the designed purpose are prohibited.
  • Injuries, accidents, or equipment failures must be reported immediately to the Ping Center staff.
  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Personal belongings are not permitted in activity areas and must be kept in a locker.
  • Conduct becoming an Ohio University student and Ping Center member is expected and required.
  • All activity areas must be vacated 15 minutes prior to scheduled closing time. Locker rooms will remain available until closing time.
  • Children 4 years of age and older may not enter the locker room of the opposite sex. An Equipment Desk attendant is available to assist these children through the appropriate locker room.
  • Any individual and/or organization not fully complying with the Ping Center policies and guidelines or cooperating with Ping Center staff may be asked to vacate the premises and may have their privileges revoked.

Weight Room Specific Policies

  • No chalk
  • No chains
  • No dropping or hitting weights together
  • All belongings must be placed in lockers
  • Wipe down all equipment after use
  • Re-rack all weights and return all equipment to its orginal location after use
  • Personal training is permitted by Campus Recreation staff only
  • Any photography/video must have prior written approval
  • Collars/Clips must be used at all times
  • Dress code policy must be adhered to
  • All policies and safety rules are subject to the discretion of the Campus Recreation staff

Functional Fitness Room Specific Rules

  • No chalk
  • Collars/Clips are required at all times
  • No chains
  • Personal training is permitted by Campus Recreation staff only
  • Barball squats must be perfomed in the power racks with saftey bars
  • Bumper plates must be used for all olympic and overhead power movement
  • 3 feet of space must be left between you and other patrons when performing olympic or barball lifts outside of a power rack or platform
  • Movements must be controlled when performing barbell exercises
  • Do not stack plyo boxes
  • No hanging upside down or swinging from one bar to another on the Rig
  • Using equipment outside of its intended design is not permitted
  • Re-rack all weights and return all equipment to their original locations after use
  • Bags and belongings must be placed in a cubby or locker
  • Any photography/video must have prior written approval
  • All policies and safety rules are subject to the discretion of the Campus Recreation Staff


The Ohio University Judiciaries Student Code of Conduct sets forth community expectations for Ohio University students and patrons which constitute unacceptable conduct.  Campus Recreation Management and the Ping Center adhere and enforce these policies and anyone violating any Code of Conduct will be reported to Judiciaries and suspended from facility/program participation.

In relation to the Ping Center--Section 3: Code B Offenses as defined by the Ohio University Board of Trustees are unacceptable.


Transferring, lending, borrowing, or altering university identification


Disturbing the peace and good order of the university and surrounding communities.


Failure to comply with legitimate directives of university officials, law enforcement or emergency personnel in the performance of their duties (e.g. failure to identify one’s self when so requested);
Violation of the terms of a disciplinary reprimand


  • To obtain equipment, patrons must present a valid OU ID or photo ID to the Equipment Desk attendant. Participants will be charged a fee for damaged or loss of equipment.
  • Equipment must be returned 15 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Towel Service — Towels are checked out the same as equipment.
  • Sponsors may check out equipment for their guests and will assume all responsibility for equipment issued.


  • Locker rentals may be purchased anytime during the first six weeks of each semester, if there are available lockers.
  • Locker renewals will take place between the eighth week of the current semester until the end of the second week of the following semester.
  • All lockers must be renewed or vacated by the expiration date. Non-terminated or non-renewed lockers will be cleared at this time. Possessions left in an expired locker may be retrieved by providing the necessary information and picture identification to the Equipment Desk.
  • Towel service is included with locker rentals. Renters losing a towel will be charged a $6.00 replacement fee.
  • When terminating the locker contract, the renter must return the towel to the equipment desk staff by the expiration date.
  • All transactions for semesterly lockers are conducted at the Equipment Desk.
  • All contents removed from non-renewed rental lockers and daily use lockers will be held for 90 days and then disposed of if not claimed by owner.

Daily Lockers

  • All patrons may use lockers on a daily basis.
  • The daily lockers are for temporary item storage while using the Ping Center. Locks left on daily lockers will be removed nightly. Daily lockers may not be used to store items overnight. Removed items will be held for a  short period only.
  • All daily lockers must be cleared prior to closing. Locks will be cut off and items left in lockers will be removed.

Coin Lockers

  • All coin lockers must be cleared at least 15 minutes prior to closing. Lockers will be cleared and items left in lockers at this time will be removed. Coin-operated lockers may not be used to store items overnight.
  • Patrons losing the key must pay a $30.00 replacement fee. Confiscated items will be returned upon payment.

Towel Service

  • Towel service is available to all members.
  • Towels are issued at the Equipment Desk.
  • Locker renters may obtain a fresh towel daily when a soiled towel is returned. Large and small towels are distributed as equipment.
  • A $6.00 fee will be charged for lost towel.


  • Overnight storage is not permitted in the locker rooms unless you have rented a locker on a semesterly or annual basis. Personal locks will be cut off and personal items removed. Items will be kept 90 days and then disposed of.
  • For everyone’s safety, glass containers are not permitted in the locker rooms.
  • WARNING—Wet surfaces in the locker room may be slippery. Please watch your step.
  • Please report suspicious individuals wandering through the locker room to the Equipment Desk attendant or any Ping Center employees.
  • Non-rental lockers may be used on a daily basis, but con¬tents and locks must be removed before facility closing each day.
  • The Division of Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
  • Locker rentals are available each semester at the Equipment Desk.
  • PLEASE USE DISCRETION WHEN BRINGING CHILDREN OF THE OPPOSITE SEX INTO THE LOCKER ROOM WITH YOU. For example, bringing older boys (4 years of age and older) into the women’s locker room is prohibited because it may offend some members or guests. The staff will be glad to assist you by taking your child into the appropriate locker room. Please respect the rights and privacy of others. If you feel an older child is in the wrong locker room, please report it immediately to the supervisor on duty.


  • All lost and found items are retained at the Equipment Desk.
  • A Property Claim Form must be completed when items have been lost.
  • Personal hygiene items including shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc. will be disposed of at closing time. Other items will be kept 90 days and then disposed of.


  • Since all games are self-monitored, good sportsmanship and proper conduct are expected
  • Non-marking, closed toe shoes are required on the playing floor. Ping Center staff will make a discretionary decision in some special cases.
  • For your safety, shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Grabbing or hanging on the net or rim is prohibited. Violators will be escorted from the building.
  • Baseball, football, frisbee, and other activities or equipment deemed unsafe in the gymnasium environment is prohibited unless special permission is obtained from the Ping
  • Center Director. Soccer, floor hockey and badminton are only permitted in the multipurpose courts.
  • In the event of crowded courts and waiting players, the building supervisor has the authority to modify games.
  • Spitting is only permitted in the cuspidors located outside the gymnasium.
  • Chewing gum, food, or beverages are not permitted in the gyms.
  • Some scheduled activities in the gymnasium may take priority over open recreation. Changes in the schedule will be posted on the daily facility schedule.
  • All spectators are to watch from the second floor.
  • Shirts are required unless shirts/skins team designation is needed.
  • Personal belongings must be stored in a locker and are not permitted on the side of the court area, on the basketball goals, or in the emergency exit vestibule.

Court Usage Guidelines:

  • Scheduled activities have priority (please check the daily facility schedule).
  • When the gymnasium is crowded, courts may be broken down into half-court games in order to accommodate more people. This decision will be made by the Ping Center staff and will be based on participant need.
  • Courts will be broken down in the following order: First—Area B, Second—Area C, and Third—Area D.
  • If scheduled activities permit, the last court available (in order of break down) will be used for full court basketball

Basketball Challenge Court Rules:

  • Challenge court rules apply when patrons are waiting on the sidelines to play.
  • Games are played to 12, win by two.
  • Winners stay, losers rotate off. Winning teams may stay on the court for no more than two consecutive games
  • Volleyball games will be played to 15 points—best of three wins.


The use of approved polycarbonate closed eye wear is highly recommended.
All metal racquets must have protective guards and handle straps.
Non-marking, closed toe shoes are required in this area.
All players must check in at the Equipment Desk prior to entering their reserved court. Failure to check in by 10 minutes past the scheduled playing time will result in court forfeiture and courts will be reassigned.
ID is required for verification.           
Racquets and racquetballs are available for use. Renter assumes full responsibility for rental equipment.
For your protection, keep all clothing, bags, etc. in a locker, not in areas around the racquetball courts.
Shirts must be worn at all times.
Courts are available during the following times (may vary during summer and breaks).
                    Monday–Friday             7 a.m.–11 p.m.
                    Saturday                    12 p.m.–11 p.m.
                    Sunday                      12 p.m.–11 p.m.


  • Courts may be reserved one (1) day in advance only. Only one (1) advanced reservation per day may be made by each person.
  • Reservations will be accepted for only one (1) hour per person per day. Playing partners may not reserve courts for back-to-back hours.

Reservation System:

  • Individuals may reserve courts for the same day or one day in advance by telephone (593-9917) or in person at the equipment desk.
  • Reservations may be made during operational hours.
  • Court reservations will be forfeited and reassigned if not checked in by 10 minutes after the hour.  Check in is at the equipment desk.
  • Court 6 is reserved for squash only.
  • Courts 1, 2, 7 and 8 are equipped for wallyball. Please inform supervisors to set up wallyball net.
  • All other courts will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  • Appropriate attire includes: full-length, non-mesh t-shirt with sleeves; soft-soled, closed toe athletic shoes; athletic bottoms. No jeans or pants with buttons or pockets are permitted in weight areas, as they can cause wear and tear of padded equipment. 
  • Participants must be 16 years of age or older.
  • All equipment remains in the Fitness area.
  • Towels and cleaning products are provided for patrons to clean equipment after each use.
  • Spotters are recommended.
  • Chalk is not permitted. Liquid Grip is available for purchase at the Equipment Desk. 
  • No dropping or hitting weights together.
  • Personal training is permitted by Campus Recreation staff only.
  • No food or beverages other than water in a closed container are permitted.
  • Personal belongings must be secured in a locker.
  • Use equipment in the manner for which it was designed.
  • Ask the employee on duty to demonstrate proper technique for using equipment.
  • Cardiovascular machine use is limited to 30 minutes during peak hours. 
  • Use of collars/clips are required at all times.
  • Re-rack weights after use.


  • Appropriate attire includes: full-length, non-mesh t-shirt with sleeves; soft-soled, closed toe athletic shoes; athletic bottoms.
  • Participants must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Towels and cleaning products are provided for patrons to clean equipment after each use.
  • Personal training is permitted by Campus Recreation staff only.
  • No food or beverages other than water in a closed container are permitted.
  • Personal belongings must be secured in a locker.
  • Use equipment in the manner for which it was designed.
  • Ask the employee on duty to demonstrate proper technique for using equipment.
  • Cardiovascular machine use is limited to 30 minutes during peak hours.


  • Non-marking, closed toe athletic shoes are required in this area.
  • Equipment (sharp or otherwise) that may damage the floor, mats, or the mirrors is not permitted.
  • Use caution to avoid contact with the mirror.
  • Patrons may only utilize combative room equipment if room is not in use by a club, or other scheduled programs.
  • Martial arts clubs may practice in bare feet, if permission has been granted by the Ping Center staff.
  • The room will be kept locked and patrons must ask staff for assistance.
  • Rosin powder, wax or any other substance which would alter the floor surface is strictly prohibited.


  • Only approved activities are permitted in the group fitness room.
  • Non-marking, closed toe shoes are required.
  • Water, in a closed container, is permitted; however, gum, food or other drinks are not permitted.
  • Patrons are not permitted to move or use the audio equipment or the mixers located in the closet.
  • This room and the equipment inside is not available for general use.    


  • Run and/or walk clockwise on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Run and/or walk counterclockwise on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Inner two lanes are reserved for walkers (slow).
  • Outer two lanes are reserved for runners (fast).
  • Faster runners have the right of way.
  • Pass others on the outside.
  • Stretching areas are located in various areas around the track—walls and railings are not to be used as stretching aids.
  • Appropriate attire includes: full-length, non-mesh t-shirt with sleeves; soft-soled, closed toe athletic shoes; athletic bottoms
  • Athletic running shoes are required.
  • Jogging track is available unless otherwise posted. Perimeter jogging course (outside lane) = 9 laps per mile. Inside lane = 10 laps plus per mile.


  • Hours are 9:00 a.m.–dusk (inclement weather conditions may dictate closing).
  • Entrance and exit to this area is through the interior doors of Ping Center lounge, not through the outside gates.
  • Doors to the Ping Center lounge must remain closed at all times unless patrons are entering or exiting the patio.
  • Cookouts require approval by the Ping Center Director.
  • Clean and throw away any trash from your area before leaving.
  • Do not sit or lean on tables.
  • No running, climbing the fence, throwing frisbees, balls, boom boxes, horseplay, pets, skateboarding or roller blades, etc.


  • No food or beverages without permission from Ping Center staff and an approved food permit.
  • Walls may only be moved by Ping Center staff.
  • Reservations are required for use of this space.


Architects: Maddox NBD Architects & Planners - Dublin, OH
Project Cost: $24 million
Consulting Architects: Bohm-NBBJ - Columbus, OH              
Construction Cost: $26 million
Ground Breaking: January 28, 1994      
Movable Equipment: $1 million
Opened: January 6, 1996                      
Facility situated on approximately 4 acres
Total square footage: 168,000 
Environmentally controlled, handicapped accessible
General Contractor: Ken Hill - Charleston, WV            
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Heady Engineering - Columbus, OH
Structural Engineer: Jezerinac, Geers & Assoc. - Dublin, OH   
Civil Engineer: Engineering Associates - Wooster, OH

First Floor:                             
CONTROL DESK (277 sq. ft.)

Computerized access system
Sound, lighting controls
Point-of-sale register
Paging system
Emergency intercom station (call boxes located in each activity area throughout facility)
Alarm controls
First-aid/AED station
Facility information
Courtesy phones

Facility information
Customer Service
 INDOOR CLIMBING WALL (36 ft. high, 13 ft. wide)

Designed by Entre Prises
Approximately 936 sq. ft. climbing area
State-of-the-art wall technology
Combines integral rock and moveable holds
4 climbing stations
Instructional belay clinics offered
Surrounded by “Safe-dek” safety surface which meets critical fall height criteria for 12 ft.
LOUNGE/EATING AREA (6,500 sq. ft.)

Tables & chairs, lounge furniture, couches
52” large screen TVs
Four electric mail stations
Panoramic view of patio and golf course
OUTDOOR PATIO (2,500 sq. ft.)

Outdoor Furniture
Lounge Chairs

Cushioned maple flooring (throughout entire facility)
Ceiling height - 41 feet
Senoh volleyball standards with recessed sleeves
Individual storage areas
Observation areas for spectators (on second floor)
MULTIPURPOSE COURTS(East-6,456 sq. ft., West-6,458 sq.ft.)

Can be used for basketball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, badminton or team handball, dodge ball
Versaturf synthetic flooring
Rounded corners for indoor soccer and floor hockey
Full-size indoor soccer goals
BPI 3000 motorized glass basketball backboards
Team boxes for benches and equipment storage
Fair Play L.E.D. scoreboards
Observation areas for spectators (on second floor)
Floor hockey goals
FREE WEIGHT ROOM (3,990 sq. ft.)

Free weights (dumbbells, barbells, plates, bars)
Rubber flooring
Free weight stations, resistance stations
First-aid station
Storage lockers

First floor courts with glass back walls
Equipped for wallyball
Second floor courts - equipped for wallyball, featuring movable glass back walls for squash, enclosed for privacy
MEETING ROOMS (1,572 sq. ft.)

Movable walls for 1, 2 or 3 room configurations
Isolated sound system/hookups
Audio/visual equipment available
Ceiling mounted TV/VCR

Towel/locker rental
Equipment checkout
Retail sales
Racquetball, squash & wallyball court reservations
First-aid station
Lost and found

Main office/reception area
Membership services
Club & Intramural Sports/Social Programming/Marketing/Ping Center/CR Business Offices
Individual staff offices
Copy/mail room
Student assistant work areas

Second Floor:
FITNESS AREA (8,235 sq. ft.)

Fitness testing area
Panoramic view of golf course
Daily-use lockers
First-aid/AED station
Resistance and cardio equipment

Woodway Treadmills
StarTrac treadmills
Precor treadmills
Life Fitness treadmills
Badger Magnum Advantage - ADA resistance equip.
Precor EFX Elliptical Cross Trainers
Cybex VR2
Cybex Classic Line
Cybex Modular Line
Cybex Cross Trainers
Spinner bikes
Precor AMT
Life Fitness Summit Trainer
COMBATIVE ARTS ROOM (3,622 sq. ft.)

Floating maple flooring
Daily-use lockers
Martial Arts equipment
Heavy bag
Speed bag
Reflex bag
Tumbling mats
GROUP FITNESS ROOM (5,580 sq. ft.)

Floating maple flooring
Isolated sound system
Classes offered daily
Daily-use lockers
CARDIO LOOKOUT (4,440 sq. ft.)

Table tennis tables
Cardio equipment

Star Trac Cross Trainers
Precor Elliptical
Life Fitness treadmill
Third Floor:

Walking/jogging track, approximately1/8 mile
Four lanes wide
NordicTrack ski simulators
Cybex Recumbent bikes
Cybex bikes
Cybex steppers
Stairmaster PT
Each lane is 4 feet wide
Mondo 1/4” rubberized surface
Non banked
Daily alternating traffic patterns
Concept II rowers
View of basketball courts, Fitness Area, golf course, and climbing wall

Men’s: 2,016 sq. ft.
Women’s: 2,354 sq. ft.
315 full (150 men’s, 165 women’s),    
226 half lockers (118 men’s, 108 women’s)
Men’s and Women’s restroom facilities
225 coin-return lockers
372 daily-use lockers

Ceiling speakers in common areas, high-power speakers in gyms, cable TV system, fire alarm and alarm-controlled      emergency exits
Background music speakers throughout the facility
Emergency call boxes in all activity areas
Overhead projector, TV/VCR carts, slide projectors, lectern, digital projectors


Coin operated parking space
University permit lot
198 car spaces (Handicapped)
2 bike racks
Located adjacent to existing Sports Complex
Fully handicapped accessible including ground-level entrances, elevators, and Braille-print signage
Loading dock and receiving areas with storage cages
Walking distance from all campus residence halls
Park benches
Fully landscaped
Personal Fitness Training, Fitness Assessments, Instructional Workshops (Dance, Running, Weight loss), Fitness Sessions (Cardio Kick!, Step It Up!, Step N Strengthen, Boot camp, Total Body Conditioning, Circuit Kick, Zumba), Massage Therapy Services

Jogging Routes

Additional routes available on the web at:
Jogging Routes

Filming and Photos