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Below you can find information pertaining to both the Scuba Shop here at Ohio University, as well as the Scuba Diving Course (REC 122).

Scuba Shop

The Outdoor Pursuits Scuba Shop is located in 208 Bird Arena. We offer a full range of products for the new diver, and even the most seasoned of divers too. Our prices are extremely competitive with that of online stores, plus you have the satisfaction of knowing that we will be sure everything fits just how it should. Whether it's a new pair of fins, or a new second stage, we have everything you would ever need for that next underwater adventure. Note: shop hours vary by quarter depending on TA availability. Hours are posted on the door of the Scuba Shop.

Scuba Course (REC 122)


The REC 122 course is offered every Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters at the Athens campus. Participants engage in both lecture and pool sessions, not only gaining the knowledge needed to scuba dive, but also the skills necessary for safe and responsible diving. The course also allows those who wish to do so to become NAUI certified as an Open Water Diver.


Once a student has signed up for the course, there is a mandatory pool test to demonstrate that an individual is comfortable in the water. 

The student must:

-Tread water with no hands (3 min.)
-Tread water with use of hands (5 min.)
-Survival float (7 min.)
-23 yard underwater swim without push-off
-300 yard surface swim in any prone position

Once a student has signed up for the class and the pool test is complete, the student is officially in the class. 

Costs and Necessities

Participants in REC 122 must pay a $245.00 instructor fee for the course. This not only includes the instruction time, but also the cost of your textbook, logbook, decompression table, rental of life-support equipment, cost of certification card, cost of open water check-out instruction, and air refills. Students must also have their own personal gear consisting of a mask, fins, and a snorkel. These items can be purchased from the Scuba Shop at great prices.

Class Responsibilities and Requirements

Class attendance and pool attendance is mandatory. Only University approved excuses will be permitted. Students must also pass the swim test, pass a physical exam (from a licensed doctor saying you are fit to dive), must have adequate mental fitness, must have their own personal equipment, and last, must pay the instructional fee for the course.

Certification Requirements (In addition to Class requirements)

-80% on written exam
-100% on decompression test
-80% on pool test
-Completion of open water check-out (5 dives in 2 consecutive days)
-All financial obligations cleared


Where we dive!

Devil's Den Checkout Dive Trip:

Devil's Den

Devil's Den is appropriately named, as you have to gear up and head down into a collapsed cave to dive! The spot is a freshwater spring that has a constant 72 degree water temperature year round. Large catfish and turtles await in the crystal-clear waters of the den.

Devil's Den   Entrance to Devil's Den   Devil's Den Campground

Rainbow River

Located not too far from Devil's Den, Rainbow river is a truly amazing spot. Fed by freshwater springs, the river has a slow but constant current, allowing for a great snorkeling experience. Large gar, bass, and other marine life await.

Divers in Rainbow River   Small Snapping Turtle   Divers   

Crystal River

Crystal River is also located close to Devil's Den, and boasts something that not too many can: Manatees. Large pods of manatees flock to Crystal river due to it being fed by three freshwater springs, known as the Three Sisters Springs. These gentle giants are a true sight to behold.

Manatees   Cooter Turtle   Manatees

Circleville Checkout Dive Trip:

Circleville Twin Quarries

Circleville is right here in Ohio, allowing us to take day trips to the quarries to complete the dives. Sights to see include a large bus, small plane, and an ambulance. Lots of native fish and wildlife reside in the mysterious waters, even the site's mascot: a GIANT catfish!

Underwater Bus   Small Bass   Bluegill