Outdoor Pursuits is currently NOT hiring.
Hiring is held in the SPRING SEMESTER and on an as needed basis.

Applications are kept of file for 6 months.


Recreation Assistant: Starts $8.10/hour  
Now accepting applications for spring. See application information below

Job Description: Responsible for the daily operations of the climbing facilities and the Rental and Sales Center.Responsibilities at the Climbing Facilities include maintaining a safe environment through routine safety checks of equipment and patrons' rigging and belay technique, providing a clean and organized climbing area, entering information into the participant database, and assisting patrons to better ensure a safe and fun climbing experience.Responsibilities at the Rental and Sales Center include knowledge of reservations, rentals, returns, resale, inventory, cleaning, and equipment repairs.


Challenge Program Facilitator:  Starts $8.50 /hour
Accepting applications for spring now - see application information below

Job Description: This position requires flexibility, professionalism, and a commitment to being a member of the Outdoor Pursuits team. Facilitators blend a combination of interpersonal skills, technical skills, and a desire to work with people to provide meaningful educational experiences to challenge program participants. Facilitators are responsible for everything related to the actual day of as challenge program event including developing the activity schedule, set up of the course, and ensuring that the days' events run smoothly and safely. Facilitators must complete the 40-hour Outdoor Pursuits Challenge Course training before leading a program and will be trained in the skills required to safely and confidently lead a group through a the high and low challenge courses as well as have the opportunity to be trained on the zip-line, pamper pole, rappelling tower, and Giants' Ladder.

Additional Information: Facilitators will be scheduled for weekend and weekday shifts based on program reservation demand; facilitators will be notified at least 48 hours in advance if their shift program is canceled. Summer employment is also available on an as-needed basis but a summer commitment is not required to apply for the position. An ongoing staff training program is one of the requirements with this position. Facilitators that meet promotion requirements are eligible for a pay increase after one season of employment.


If you are hired at Campus Recreation, be sure you complete the following forms prior to your first working shift:
      - I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)
      - Home Land Security
      - Direct Deposit (bring a canceled check or deposit slip)
      - OPERS (Ohio Public Employees Retirement System)
      - W4 (tax exemptions)
You must bring your original Social Security Card & Driver's License
      OR Passport OR VISA


Questions Contact: Judd Walker, walkerj5@ohio.edu or 740.593-9928.