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The Post, 4/7/16: Student-run Learn to Skate program brings together community members and students

The Post, 4/5/16: Bits of Fitness: Fitness trackers help adults keep tabs on their health-related idiosyncrasies

Girlfriends Mid-Ohio Valley Magazine, Spring 2016: Please Fix Your Ball Marks!!! and other essential rules of golf etiquette (pages 10-11)

The Post, 3/30/16: Moms, student have many opportunities to enjoy the weekend off of Court Street

OHIO: Compass, 3/28/16: Air Force servicemen lend wings to Bird Arena

OHIO: Compass, 3/21/16: Campus Rec, WellWorks offering free National Nutrition Month programs

The Post, 3/13/16: With approval of master plan, campus could change in next 10 years

The Post, 3/8/16: Ping attendance numbers increase after new year resolutions and before spring break

WOUB, 2/29/16: The Bobcats Sports Showcase, Episode 6

The Post, 2/23/16: Hockey players embrace the 'hockey lifestyle' on and off the ice with hair flow

The Post, 2/21/16: Athens Asks: Why does it take so long for Ping to get hot water back?

OHIO: Compass, 2/8/16: Aquatic Center to host ‘Love Boat Valentine’s Cruise’

The Post, 2/3/16: Students have fun options to entertain their siblings with this weekend

OHIO: Compass, 1/25/16: Campus Rec offering series of free learn-to fitness workshops

The Post, 1/25/16: Senior Bucket List: Five things to do before graduation

The Post, 1/21/16: Upgrades to Bird Arena don't mean jump to NCAA for hockey

The Post, 1/20/16: New arena or major renovations for Bird Arena may become a reality

The Post, 1/11/16: Alternative workout routines and classes are available Uptown and on-campus

The Post, 1/11/16: 10 New Year's resolutions every college student should make

Campus Rec Magazine, 1/6/16: Equal Access

OHIO: Compass, 12/10/15: Outdoor Pursuits offering students one-day ski trip

Backdrop Magazine, 11/18/15: Strength in Unity

The Post, 11/5/15: Ohio University students compete for best 'Punt, Pass, Kick' in football event 

OHIO Student Affairs: OHIO Hosts ORSA

OHIO Student Affairs: Bobcats at Play

OHIO: Compass, 10/25/15: Campus Rec offering Halloween-themed fitness classes

The Post, 10/22/15: Ping Center chiller is now working after being down for part of Thursday

The Post, 10/15/15: Ohio University's archery team moved to Ping, leading to safety concerns

Campus Rec Magazine, 10/8/15: The Pros and Cons of Opening your Facility to the Local Community

The Post, 10/7/15: Outdoor Pursuits offers free kayak clinic for Ohio University students 

OHIO: Compass, 9/28/15: First-year students invited to participate in Adventure Learning Program for Success

OHIO: Compass, 9/25/15: Campus Rec’s W.O.W. Hour offers modest women-only fitness class

The Post, 9/24/15: Construction in front of Ping completed after repairing steam line

The Post, 9/22/15: Campus Master Plan discusses major possible changes to Ohio University's Athens campus

OHIO: Compass, 9/21/15: Campus Recreation to host first-ever ‘Glow Golf Tournament’

OHIO: Compass, 9/16/15: Campus Rec launching low-cost fitness programs with personalized instruction

OHIO: Compass, 9/16/15: Campus Rec announces extended hours at Ping Center

The Post, 9/16/15: Ohio University's fencing team provides beginners with cutting-edge lessons

The Post, 9/16/15: In one year, Ohio University's Ping Center made $38,000 from membership fees

The Post, 9/15/15: Hockey: As Ohio gels, newcomers work to fit in

OHIO: Compass, 9/3/15: Campus Involvement Center, Campus Rec Offering a Slew of Activities Fall Semester

OHIO: Compass, 9/2/15: Fall Opening Activites Designed to Welcome, Prepare OHIO Students

Campus Rec Magazine, 9/1/15: From Mentee, To Mentor

OHIO: Compass, 9/1/15: Bobcat Hockey Announces Ticket Prices, Promotions for 2015-16 Season

Inside Higher Ed, 8/21/15: Climbing Wall Convert

Campus Rec Magazine, 8/10/15: From Mentee, To Mentor

Campus Rec Magazine, 8/5/15: Ohio University's Walter Fieldhouse: Q&A