Intramural Staff 

Graduate Assistants

Student Staff

Student Director of Facility Operations Mitch Coss 740-593-9946
Supervisor Kylee Hooper
Supervisor Wes Thompson
Student Director of Personnel & Special Events Morgan Kubic 740-593-9946
Student Director of Office Operations Hayley Stoll 740-593-9946
Supervisor Daniel Mauk
Supervisor Brandon O'Hara
Supervisor Adrienne Gossett
Supervisor Allie Molnar
Supervisor Gail Luster
Supervisor Taylor Stano
Student Director of Officials Josh Wilking 740-593-9946
Supervisor Patrick Goonan
Student Director of Risk Management Phil Nye 740-593-9946
Student Director of Marketing & Public Relations Carly Graman 740-593-9946
Supervisor Geoff Ryan
Supervisor Orhan Mentese
Supervisor Dave Byler
Student Director of Officials Kassidy Carlson 740-593-9946