Ping X Workshop

This workshop takes bootcamp to a whole new level. It's supercharged with strength training, cardio and plyometics into an hour-long format suited to any busy schedule.

Day/Dates: Mondays, April 9 - May 21                  
Time:        5:10 - 6:10 PM 
Location:    Group Fitness Room
Instructor:   Josh

Price:            $25 Students/Ping Members; $50 Non-Members
Minimum Enrollment: 5

Refund & Cancelation Policy
A full refund will only be given if the request is made within 6 days from the start date of the workshop and the patron has not attended a workshop session. If a patron has attended 1 session they are entitled to a $20 refund as each class divides evenly to $5/class. The original receipt that is given at the time of purchase is required for the previously mentioned refunds.

If the workshops is canceled due to the minimum enrolled number not being met after the 2nd week of classes an individual is entitled to a $15 refund.

*Medical Refunds: A medical refund will be given for any fitness service as long as proof of condition/illness/injury from a doctor is presented.

For more information contact the Fitness Office at 740-593-9919