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Group Fitness Instructor Bios

Rachel Green headshot

Rachel Green

Formats Taught: Kickboxing, TNT, HIIT
Fitness Philosophy: "The best type of exercise is the kind that you enjoy. To me, fitness is about personal growth, having fun, and improving your physical and mental state. I aim to challenge my participants to stop outside their comfort zone and build confidence both inside and outside of the gym."






Jordyn Irelan headshot

Jordyn Irelan

Formats Taught: Fit Flow
Fitness Philosophy: "Yoga to me is home and it has impacted my daily life immensely. I can't wait to share my passion for yoga and inspire others to live in the moment. My hope is to bring yoga not only to the mat, but to have an influence on its practice being applied to the real world."





Kaya Mallick headshot

Kaya Mallick

Formats Taught: Power Vinyasa & Yin Yoga
Fitness Philosophy: "I practice and teach yoga because I want to share the philosophyies and mind-body awareness of this ancient tradition. I believe connection to the breath is crucial to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being."






Jacque Menchaca headshot

Jacque Menchaca

Formats Taught: Tighten & Tone, Strength & Stretch
Fitness Philosophy: "To promote fitness as a form of self-care through creating a fun and empowering environment. I teach low impact classes with the goal of providing a challenging workout to a wide variety of fitness levels."






Megan Meneskie headshot

Megan Meneskie

Formats Taught: HIIT, Circuits, Boot Camp
Fitness Philosophy: "I want to radiate positivity and healthy habits among my peers, and show how to find a balanced lifestyle in college. I make workouts fun, fast, and effective!"






Bella Miller headshot

Bella Miller

Formats Taught: Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, & Flow
Fitness Philosophy: "I teach yoga to help myself and others further discover they are worthy and deserving of their own time, commitment, love, dedication, and well-being.






Bill Newton headshot

Bill Newton

Formats Taught: Boxing, HIIT, Circuits
Fitness Philosophy: "Pura vida!"






Olivia Rocco headshot

Olivia Rocco

Formats Taught: Yin Yoga, Power & Prana, Vinyasa
Fitness Philosophy: "I teach yoga to share what the practice has given me -- a deeper understanding of myself and our connectivity, a ritualized and embodied spiritual practice, and more. Come practice with me!"






Kaitlin VanHooser headshot

Kaitlin VanHooser

Formats Taught: REFIT
Fitness Philosophy: "REFIT is for everybody and every BODY. My goal for each class to be a no judgement zone that empowers each participant to love their bodies and have fun!"