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Aqua Fitness

The Aquatics Center currently offers Deep Water and Shallow Aqua Fitness Classes. Below is a brief description of each of these classes.  Individuals can attend an individual class or pay by the semester.  For those wishing to attend both shallow and deep-water classes, there is a combination rate.  Visit www.recshop./ohio.edu for class time and prices. 


Shallow Water Aqua Fit

No Swimming skills required for this course.  Classes are held in the shallow end of the Aquatic Center pool and your feel will be touching the bottom most of the class.  There is minimal impact on joints and tendons as your weight is support by the water.  Shallow water Aqua Fit is good exercise for stretching muscles and general fitness. 


Deep Water Aqua Fit

Aerobic exercise that places all of the pressure on the muscles with no impact on the joints. Some swimming ability is required for deep-water Aqua Fit classes. Water walking belts available to assist if needed.  As you develop, participants are challenged to use less individual support and just use equipment.  Good class for general fitness.


If you have questions about the Aqua Fit classes, feel free to email us at aquaticscenter@ohio.edu or call the Aquatic Center at 740-593-4670.