ACP Tally 

Club Sports Funding is distributed according to each individual club’s fulfillment of the Administrative Compliance Program (ACP) requirements.  Points will be awarded to teams as outlined below.

Forty-five percent (45%) of the Annual Club Sports Allocation Funds will be distributed in accordance with the ACP. The total dollars available for allocation will be divided by the cumulative number of points earned by all clubs throughout the academic year. This method will determine a dollar value to be assigned to each point.  Each team’s earned points will then be multiplied by this value to determine the funding to be allocated to each team upon completion of all Officer training sessions.

Ten percent (10%) of the allocated funds will be available based on the fundraising efforts of the individual clubs. At the conclusion of the academic year, a team’s fundraising total will be divided by the total number of active club members to give each club a per member amount.  Each clubs’ per member amount will be totaled, and each individual club’s per member amount will be converted into a percentage all clubs’ per member total.  That percentage will be multiplied by 4,000 to give each team their fundraising points amount

In order for a club to receive points for a fundraiser they must complete the following:

  • Register the fundraising activity and obtain approval via the Pre-Fundraising Form on no later than 3 Business Days prior to that start of the fundraiser.
  • Results of the fundraiser must be reported via the Post-Fundraising Form on within 5 Business Days of the conclusion of the event.


The remaining forty-five percent (45%) of the Annual Club Sports Allocation Funds will be distributed to teams based on need as reflected in the projected annual budgets they will create with the Assistant Director for Competitive Sports and their Graduate Assistant Directors. This will be calculated as a percentage of the total budget for all clubs based on their projected need for the current year. Any club who fails to meet with Club Sports Administration by the announced deadline to create their budget will forfeit their opportunity to receive funding from this method.

Current Tallys
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