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Officers' Corner


All necessary forms can be filled out on  IMLeagues.com. Questions? Contact your team's captain or adviser.



Click here  for the 2017-18 Club Sports Manual. 


Administrative Compliance

Club Sports funding is distributed according to each individual club's fulfillment of the Administrative Complicance Program (ACP) requirements. Points will be awarded to teams as outlined here

Visit IMLeagues.com to view your team's current tallies. Click here  to view your team's tier status through June 2016. 


Non-Compliance Issues

Failure to complete any of the following will result in an initial suspension and possible probation from all club sports activities. 

Administrative Non-Compliance

Administrative non-compliance occurs when an individual spends more money than the club has available in both primary and secondary accounts, or fails to do any of the following: 
  • Complete Club re-registration
  • Attend meetings or officer training without arranging a make-up session by probation deadline
  • Complete required paperwork
  • Complete the minimum requirements for the red-tier clubs as stated in Section 8
Behavioral Non-Compliance
  • Violations by the club or individual of State or Federal Law, University or Club Sports Policy
  • Serious violations of this nature include, but are not limited to: misappropriation/mishandling of funds, failing to follow emergency procedures, destruction/theft of property or facilities and any behavior that negatively reflects upon Ohio University Club Sports
Club Sports Executive Council (CSEC)

The purpose of CSEC is to act as a liason between club sports members and the Assistant Director for Competitive Sports. For more information on CSEC, its function and its officers, click  here


Advisor by Sport

Contact your team's adviser with questions or concerns at any time.

Kristen Sullivan, Graduate Assistant ( ks448715@ohio.edu )
Equestrian Hunt
Equestrian Western
Men's & Women's Lacrosse
Men's & Women's Soccer

Nathan Lawless, Graduate Assistant ( nl275916@ohio.edu )
Women's Basketball
Men's & Women's Crew
Fastpitch Softball
Men's & Women's Rugby
Women's Ultimate
Men's & Women's Volleyball
Men's & Women's Water Polo

Patricia Colella, Work Team Chair ( PC501413@ohio.edu )
Synchronized Skating
Tae Kwon Do (TKD)
Water Ski