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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a club sport?

Club Sports allow students to get together regularly to learn a new sport, or continue playing a sport they love. All Club Sports are student-run organizations. Most Club Sports compete against other universities and are members of conferences or leagues. Club Sports are different from Intramural Sports.  Intramural Sports  provide students an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports with or against other students from Ohio University.


How do I join a club sport? 

Some of our club sports teams require tryouts, but many are always accepting members. Please reference the Team Listing page to reach out the club you are interested in directly. 


How do I create a new team? 

To create a new club sport, your team must simply create a university student organization through the Campus Involvement Center  and be in good standing for an entire year. Once that year is up, contact Bridget Tasker, Tasker@ohio.edu  or (740) 593-9913 to set up arrangements for a review by the Club Sports Executive Council (CSEC).