Training Stronger Leaders 

Commitment, persistence, and good judgment are a few of the many traits that come with developing into a strong leader. Our leadership development workshops are designed to bring out leaders and leadership strengths that may not have been known before.  Participants will be asked to push their comfort zones in these challenging and highly rewarding workshops while also supporting their team members to reach their goals. These leadership development programs are a perfect compliment to combine with any of our team development workshops to create a fantastic full-day adventure experience.


The High Ropes Course

Building on lessons of team development, the high course highlights partnership, trust, risk assessment and decision-making. The High Course features a multitude of cables and ropes designed to allow participants to climb and traverse elements suspended over 40 feet in the air. Groups benefit through peer encouragement and relating to a shared experience. Instruction in the use of all safety equipment is provided before entering the course.  


The Rappelling Tower

Using safety equipment and the guidance of our facilitators, experience the thrill of your own success when you rappel down our 40 foot tower with confidence and ease.  Rappelling addresses the topics of trust, self-confidence, decision making, and the mental focus needed to complete critical tasks.

The Climbing Tower

To scale our outdoor climbing tower requires strength and persistence. Climbers are given instruction on technique and use of the equipment before attempting this challenge that promotes self-confidence, trust, and peer support.

CWall Anne - WEB

The Zip Line

Climb the height of the high ropes course tower and then step into the air to take a ride on our 300' zip line. The zip line is a great introduction to the high course and an opportunity to build trust, commitment, and self-confidence. The zip line can also be combined with any of our team development workshops to create an exciting full-day program for your organization.


Zip Line-WEB