Creating Better Teams 

Improved communication, trust, and problem solving can all help your team to work more effectively. By using an experiential learning approach, these team-building workshops allow your group to learn more about yourselves and how you can more effectively work together in an interactive workshop format.  We also can provide tools to help ensure that your  success will continue after you return home. Not sure what to do? Contact us and we will work with you to create the best experience for your group.


STARTERS... At two hours or less, these workshops are a great part of an all day program, or on their own.

The Icebreaker 

Leading an effective team or holding a successful event is easier when everyone is engaged and ready to work together. Use this high energy workshop to get people moving,  thinking, laughing, and talking with each other. With the right dose of of Blob Taggers, Hog Callers, Giants, Wizards, and Elves the Icebreaker mixes all the right activities to jump start a class, your organization or team and creates a solid foundation of positive connections with the group. For a big impact in a short  time, for groups from ten to one hundred, try the Icebreaker!

The Team Trainer's Toolbox

A great training opportunity if you want to be working with audiences from children's age  through adult. This workshop provides many of the activities found in the Icebreaker and Low Ropes Course sessions but with more variations for different audiences and written activity descriptions. Be ready to learn and share in a fast paced session that can be held inside or out any time of the year.



These programs are the heart and soul of Challenge Program team development training. Emphasis on problem solving, collaboration, communication, discovery, and trust building are included in every session. From two to four hours in length, Main Attractions can be combined to create in-depth full day teambuilding workshops.

The Low Ropes Course

Our most popular teambuilding workshop,  the low ropes course is composed of constructed "elements" and numerous portable initiatives. Your might navigate an Acid River, a Spiders Web, take a trip on a Whale Watch, transport each other on a Giant A, or overcome the Team Wall. Low ropes course workshops use constructed elements as well as portable initiatives to create a mix of mental and physical challenges for your team. Some challenges are ground level while others can be up to 10 feet high but every session on the  low ropes course  is tailored to the goals and abilities of each group.

The Incredible Journey 

What do you get when you combine the Amazing Race, Geocaching, and the DaVinci Code? The Incredible Journey, our newest workshop!  Your team will travel by foot while you use  GPS navigation technology and all of your problem solving skill to locate points across the Ohio campus or Athens city while encountering challenges to overcome along the way on this "traveling teambuilding" experience.  Facilitators can accompany your group or meet you along the way to incorporate our best team development initiatives and guide discussions. The Incredible Journey is team development techie-style with a twist for every organization.