Welcome to Challenge 

The Challenge Program has served over 9,000 participants from Ohio University's Athens campus and surrounding community. As the leading provider of adventure-based team and leadership development programs in Southeast Ohio, our expertise allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of organizations. From the GPS based "Incredible Journey" team development workshops to the Ridges Outdoor Challenge Course at our Athens campus, we can readily design a program experience that works for you.

Our Promise

We provide exceptional learning experiences to help your organization perform at their best, using personalized program design, skilled staff, and adventure-based interactive workshops that create better teams and train stronger leaders.

Fun With A Purpose

Physical activity, laughter and adventure help us to be more creative and connected to others, and Challenge Program workshops do just that. Your facilitators will focus on team development goals such as problem-solving, trust, a positive work environment, collaboration, and effective communication. Some challenges will be mental, some are physical but all will create an engaging experience that lets you tackle real teamwork topics in a fun and productive way. Let us design a workshop with your your goals in mind to create the most meaningful experience for your organization.


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