Ohio University

Campus Recreation Response to Race Based Violence

Ohio University Campus Recreation stands in support of the Black members of our community and country as we rally against systemic racism and discrimination. We strongly condemn all forms of racism, prejudice, and injustice.    

In difficult times, we know many people turn to recreation and sport as an opportunity for personal development and a sense of community. We pride ourselves on being able to provide spaces for everyone to come together and grow into better versions of themselves every day. Social distancing has posed a set of unique challenges that have limited our ability to provide the same type of support we have in the past. However, Campus Recreation is more than its buildings. We are a community that will continue to support our entire Bobcat family as we strive for positive change at our university and nationwide.  

Over the last couple of years, our organization has worked with our campus experts to further our mission of providing “quality, inclusive recreation experiences” to our community. What we found is that we have a lot to learn. Like our country, we are flawed but through open dialogue and education, we are confident that we can provide a safe place where everyone finds a home.  

Our department is committed to becoming better advocates for equity and social justice in our community. We are developing training plans and student development efforts that utilize the resources provided by Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), the Survivor Advocacy Program, and the offices within the Division of Diversity & Inclusion to formulate the best path for our department moving forward. 

Just as our department is finding a path to progress, we encourage each of you to take this journey with us.