Marissa Del Matto

LTS Director




LTS Office: 740.597.1458

Bird Arena Office: 740.593.4676



Marissa Del Matto- 614-403-8866
Valentina Georgalas 412-735-9024
Brianna Griesinger-
Sarah Kelly- 412-849-2769

Annie McBride 440-387-3807

Jordan Meezey- 724-766-1674
Maya Oshita- 740-818-7605
Alyssa Stegner- 614-216-0062



If you need a private lesson coach please contact the LTS director do not contact the coaches directly, they are not allowed to set any lessons up without going through the director. If you have a specific coach you want let the director know and she will do her best to set that up.

However, if you have already been assigned to a coach feel free to contact them in order to set up a lesson time, cancel, or reschedule your lesson.