Private Lessons 

Private Lessons 


Freestyle Sessions: 

Freestyle sessions allow skaters extra practice time to fine-tune their skills. Skaters can work independently on various skills or receive a private lesson. Freestyle ice time can be purchased either with a punch card (which is at a discounted rate) or by paying the walk-on rate at the beginning of each session. Punch cards are to be taken out onto the ice with the skater each time he/she gets onto the ice. Punch cards are to be turned in to the Skate Monitor and will be returned when the skater “signs off” of the ice. Skaters who do not sign off will be charged from the time they “signed in” until the time of the end of the session. Punch cards can be purchased in the ProShop. 

Punch Cards (good for 20 punches worth 15 minutes each) 

  • * $50 for Community Members 
  • * $40 for Athens Figure Skating Club members/Ohio University Students 


Freestyle Skating Policies: 

  • *Please read over the list of Freestyle Policies and sign an Assumption of Risk form prior to getting on the ice. Assumption of Risk forms need to be turned in to the Skate Monitor before a skater is allowed to skate on Freestyle ice. 

Freestyle Times: 

Tuesday- 5pm-6:30pm 

Thursday- 5pm-6:30pm 

Friday- 4pm-5pm 

Saturday- 11:45am-1:15pm


Bri Private Lesson

Private Lessons: 

All of our instructors: 

  • Are certified with the United States Figure Skating Association 
  • Have First Aid & CPR Certifications 
  • Are experienced skaters and excited to coach


                                      Private Lesson Card

Figure Skating

Private lessons provide individual instruction with an instructor of your choice. Lessons are taught only on Freestyle sessions. Whether looking to fine-tune your Basic Skills or advance to more difficult levels, the Learn to Skate Program has an instructor to meet your needs. When taking private lessons, skaters must pay the private lesson rate on top of the rate for Freestyle ice time. Supplementing your child’s group lessons with private lessons is a great way to help your skater improve at a faster rate and become a more knowledgeable skater! Please contact the Freestyle/Private Lessons Supervisor, Maya Oshita, at in order to set up private lessons. Please include in your email the name of the skater, age, level, what they are looking for in a coach, how long of a lesson you would like, and the times you are available. We will do our best to pair you with the coach that is the best fit for your skater’s specific needs. If there is for any reason a problem with the coach you were assigned, please don’t hesitate to email Maya Oshita to be paired with a different coach. You may request a specific coach, but all coach/student pairings must go through the Freestyle/Private Lessons Supervior. 

If you are unable to make it to a scheduled lesson time, be sure to contact your instructor as early as possible. If an instructor fails to show up for a scheduled lesson time, please inform the skating director the same day or the next day to receive a free lesson coupon.



A wide variety of skates are available in today’s market. Skaters need to find skates that best suit them. To prevent injury to the skater’s feet or ankles, figure skates must be snug and stiff in the ankles to provide the correct support. Skaters can find skates for various prices online but should be properly fitted (we recommend going to the OSU rink in Columbus). Since children grow quickly, don’t be afraid to buy used skates as long as the skates are not broken down and have support around the ankles. If you are unsure of anything, please feel free to consult Sarah Kelly, Maya Oshita, or Anne McBride as they will be more than happy to help you!


Advanced private lesson skaters are expected to wear skating pants, dresses, or skirts. Bulky pants or sweatshirts are not acceptable, as they hinder progress and make it difficult for instructors to evaluate movements. Gloves are encouraged to keep warm and protect skaters’ hands in case of falls.


Skaters should wear their hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun depending on length. If a skater has bangs, they should be clipped back using hair clips (NO BOBBY PINS) so they are not in the skater’s face when on the ice.


Stick and Puck practice times are Thursdays from 4pm-4:50pm. Ice time is $7.50 per session and private lessons are $7.50/15mins on top of the ice fee. Please contact Phil Oberlin at 740-593-0251. 

Cancellation Due to Weather

All programs will be cancelled when Athens County issues a Level 3 weather advisory. These programs will not have a make-up date.