Group Lessons 


Basic Skills Program (Group Lessons)

Pricing: $99/ per 8 week session


$15/ skate rental per session (if needed)

  $49.50/ per 4 week session


$15/ skate rental per session (if needed)


The Ohio University's Bird Arena is proud to host a U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program.  The program teaches the fundamentals of ice skating.  Skaters age 3 through adulthood learn basic elements such as stopping to more advanced elements such as jumps and spins. The Basic Skills program is designed to be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Keanu Group


Objectives of the Basic Skills Program

To provide a fun and safe skating experience for skaters of all ages and abilities.
To teach correct technique for basic skating elements.
To develop a finer degree of coordination and balance.
To promote physical fitness.
To have fun!
The skating instructors divide participants by skill level into groups of 8-10 people to ensure quality instruction. As part of the group lesson program, skaters are registered as a United States Figure Skating Basic Skills member and provided a Learn to Skate pass for access to EVERY recreational skate (this does not include skate rental).  Passes must be presented at the skate rental counter during recreational skates. 

At the end of the session, skater's skills are reviewed by an instructor.  Skaters who have mastered the skills receive advance to the next level.  Skaters who have improved through the season but are not ready for the next level yet will receive a certificate explaining what skills need to be polished before advancing.  Instructors teach the skills, but it is up to the skater to practice and master each skill.  

Bird Arena offers hockey and figure skates for rental.  Instructors are available at the beginning and end of each session to assist with proper fitting of the skates.  A rental fee can be added to your registration fee each session for group lessons if you chose to use Bird Arena skates.

Lessons are 45minutes a week, which consists of 30 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of free time. Make up classes are also offered. Registration is due a week before lessons start,and there will be a late fee for applications turned in after the due date. For any questions please call 740-597-1370.

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Fall Four Week Session

We have two sessions in the fall. The first is a four-week sessions, which includes lessons on either Tuesdays or Saturdays, depending on what works best for your schedule. This is a great introductory session to help your skater get back the skills they may have lost over the summer. At the end of the four weeks, your skater will either be advanced to the next level or be given the skills they need to polish in order to pass next time.

Fall Eight Week Session

The second session we provide in the fall is our Fall Eight Week Session. This is a full eight weeks of lessons with lessons on either Tuesdays OR Saturdays. It will be up to you to decide which day better fits your schedule. At the end of the eight weeks your student will either be advanced to the next level or given the skills they need to polish up in order to pass next time.

Winter Eight Week Session

The Winter Eight Week Session is a full eight weeks of lessons, with one lesson per week. You can either choose Tuesday lessons OR Saturday lessons, depending on what works better with your schedule. At the end of the eight weeks your student will either be advanced to the next level or given the skills they need to polish up in order to pass next time.


Snowplow Sam 1-3, Kids ages 3-6

The Snowplow Sam levels are designed to help the preschool age skater develop the primary coordination and strength needed for skating.  Elements included in the level are falling correctly, standing up, stopping, skating forward and the ever favorite swizzles.  Helmets are strongly recommended for all new skaters.

Basic Skills 1-8

Basics 1-8 begin to teach the fundamentals of the sport, such as forward and backwards skating, three turns, mohawks, edges, and crossovers. Levels 4-8 begin to incorporate jumps and spins.  After working through the 8 skill levels, skaters have a basic knowledge of skating and can advance to more detailed private instruction or hockey programs if they wish. Private lessons are also available for those still working through the Basics.


The Bird Arena group lesson instructors are from skating programs all around the country with different levels of experience in skating and instructing. Each instructor brings a different style of teaching to the program and has attended clinics to expand their knowledge of latest and most innovative teaching techniques. All instructors are affiliated with the United States Figure Skating Association as well at the Professional Skaters Association if they teach private lessons.  They are committed to the development and advancement of the skaters. 


There are a wide variety of skates in today's market. Skaters need to find skates that best suit them, either hockey or figure skates. To prevent injury to the skater's ankles or feet, skates must be stiff at the ankles to have support and fit properly. Bird Arena offers rental skates, hockey and figure, which fit these criteria. Instructors are available at the beginning and end of each session to help in finding the right pair and fit. A skate rental fee can be added to your session for group lessons, if needed.

Please see the Skating Director about information about purchasing skates. Since children grow at an astonishing rate, don't be afraid to buy used skates as long as they are not broken down and have support around the ankles. If you are unsure of size, ask a member of our staff to assist. Bird Arena offers skate sharpening for hockey and figure skates. To learn more, visit our Pro Shop.


Dress in thin, warm, layered clothing to keep warm on the ice.  Bulky attire such as winter coats do not allow skaters to move freely and make it difficult for the instructors to see body positions. Jeans and shorts are highly discouraged, while wind pants, tight fitting sweatpants, skating skirts and pants are encouraged.   Mittens, gloves, and knit caps are also highly encouraged to keep kids warm.  Hockey helmets are available in the skate room at no cost and are recommended for all first time skaters. Safety of our skaters is our number one priority.


For the maximum experience in group lessons please be dressed and ready to skate at least 10 minutes prior to class, visit the restroom or talk to the instructor before lessons begin. With only 45 minutes of instruction, every minute counts.  Missing the beginning of lessons will result in slower progress.

Since children of all ages are easily distracted, we ask parents and friends to watch from the stands or Mezzanine.  Please wait to take pictures of your child until the end of the session and ask the instructor for permission.  Flash photography is a distraction and a hazard for other skaters and instructors.


All programs will be cancelled when Athens County issues a Level 3 weather advisory. These programs will have a make-up date.


Program Registration Policies

 1 All skaters/parents must complete a liability waiver prior to taking the ice.
 2 Parents must be present through the duration of lesson time.
 3 Refunds are only available up to the 3rd class of the session if the participant decides skating is not for them. Refunds are not available for missed classes.
4 Bird Arena reserves the right to revoke participant facility privileges.

Registration sheets will be accepted through the third week of the sessions, but there will be a $10 late fee added on. Visit the Bird Arena Office, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm or print the registration form. Registartion is also available online through the Rec Shop. Forward the completed forms to the Bird Arena address prior to the start of lessons to insure your child's spot for group and private lessons. Accepted forms of payment are credit card or a check payable to Ohio University, Campus Recreation.

Mail registration form to:
Learn to Skate, Bird Arena, Room 102
Oxbow Trail
Athens , OH 45701

Be sure to check in with the Learn to Skate Director on your first day for placement of the skater in the appropriate level.