Recreational Skating Fees/Memberships


(Per Session)




Annual Family*

No Fee

OU Student

No Fee














Child under 18
(under 5 are free)




No Charge for child under the age of 5.

Skate Rental $3.50 for all.
To purchase a membership for any Campus Recreation Facility:
Visit the Campus Recreation Business Office located in the Ping Center, Room 142. Office hours 8am - 4:45pm Monday - Friday. Phone number 593-9901. Membership access to the Bird Arena is handled through the university ID card. At the time of purchase, instructions will be provided on how to obtain an ID card for a one-time fee of $5, paid at the ID office.  

Skate Sharpening Fees:

Skate Sharpening Over Night: $5.00

Skating Sharpening On the Spot: $7.00


Freestyle Ice Skate & Private Lessons

Freestyle Ice Time is for private one-on-one lessons though it is not open to the public, it is intended for the use of coaching students who have finished Learn To Skate training program. It is more regimented and expensive than the public/recreational skates we offer.

Private lessons are provided with the purchase of lesson time in 15-minute increments ($7.50/15 min). To set up lesson times with a coach, please call (740)597-1458.

Freestyle Ice Fees

Walk-on rate for each session (15 minute), $ 7.50
Punch Card (10, 15 minute sessions)
Student, $40.00
Student in AFSC, $30.00
Community, $60.00
Community in AFSC, $50.00

*Each skater must purchase freestyle ice time along with lesson time.**

Freestyle Ice Times:

Tuesday,  5:00 pm-5:45 pm AND 5:45 pm-6:30 pm
Thursday, 5:00 pm-5:45 pm AND 5:45 pm-6:3 0pm
Friday, 4:00 pm-4:45 pm AND 4:45 pm-5:30 pm
Saturday, 11:45 am- 12:30 pm AND 12:30 pm-1:15 pm