Annual and Semester long memberships are available to Ohio University employees and area community members.Membership fees and registration process is located on the Fees link in the left hand navigation column.

Is your business looking for a way to develop their health and wellness?  The Aquatic Center can develop a group rate membership package for your business when registering as the group.  Prices vary based on the number in the group applying for memberships.  If you are interested in more information, please contact the Aquatic Director.

The Aquatic Center's Aqua Shop is a convenience store and carries many basic swimming needs. An authorized dealer for TYR and The Finals swim wear, the Aquatic Center caries swimming suits as well as different types of goggles, caps and other accessories are available. If you don't see what you are looking for, ask the Recreation Assistant.We may be able to special order this for you.We would like to help you in your aquatic fitness and recreational pursuits

The Aquatic Center can help you with your next event.Working with the availability of the facility, we can help you develop your next aquatic event.From swimming meet to water polo and even kayaking races, or even a group recreation swim, let us help you with your next event.

Aquatic Center Area


Sun Deck/Party Lobby


Entire Pool

$185/Hr + Employee Costs

Section of the Pool
(Shallow, Laps Lanes, Deep End)

$70/Hr + Employee Costs

Interested in having your next birthday party at the Aquatic Center?  We can reserve the second floor lobby and Sun Deck area for your special event.These events are held during our Recreation Swim times and your guests can have access to the pool for a reduced group rate. Complete the Facility Reservation Form to get your registration process started.

The Aquatic Center is also responsible for Grover Gym Reservations.The gym is two (2) basketball courts side by side with a divider curtain if needed.With a multipurpose flooring and ability to be set up for basketball, volleyball or badminton, this space provides a lot of opportunity for your next event.

To reserve either the Aquatic Center or Grover Gym, the following document is provided to assist in this process.Download and fill in the information requested, then return following the directions on the bottom of the page.The graduate assistant will be in contact with you about your event and finals approvals.

       Ohio University Student  - $15 per hour
       NON-Ohio University Student - $65 per hour



The Aquatic Center provides a towel for the individual patron to borrow while using the Aquatic Center facilities.When finished using the Aquatic Center, we ask our patrons to return our towels to be laundered and made available for other patrons.

(Beginning August 26th, 2013)
Should you wish to rent a larger towel, we do have larger towels for rent on a annual basis.These large Blue Striped towels can be exchanged for a clean one and placed in your locker for your next swim.The cost for this service is $20 annually by itself, however this large towel is included in your large locker rental.

For your convenience, Small and Large Locker Services are available within each locker room.Your Semester or Annual Large Locker Rental will include the lock and towel service. Towels can be exchanged for clean towels and stored in your locker for the next visit.Locker Rental Rates are as follows:

Small Locker$25.00 / Semester$60.00 / Annual
Large Locker$30.00 / Semester$75.00 / Annual*
*Includes large towel service

Both small and large lockers have locks provided by the Aquatic Center and will need to remain with that locker.While all the larger lockers in the locker room are available for rent, we have selected the small lockers on the right side of the isle for rentals.

Daily Locker usage is reserved for the lefts side of the isle. Patrons wishing to use a locker may put their personal lock on the Daily Use locker; however it must be removed by the end of the Aquatic Center operational day.Locks not removed will be removed by the Aquatic Center staff and belongings will be placed in the Lost and Found system.

When you register for your locker, we would like to double check your contact information so that we can inform you when your locker rental is about to expire and keep you up to date on Aquatic Center happenings.

The Aquatic Center hosts several different special events throughout the calendar year. Home to the Women's Ohio University Bobcat Swimming and Diving teams, we host home swimming and diving events.We also host age group swimming, Club Sports teams and university student group events throughout the year.The Aquatic Center also does host several special events that we have designed for the communities we serve.

The Aquatic Center are getting connected.Follow us on Twitter @ohioaquatics and on Facebook page (Ohio University Aquatic Center) for the latest closings and program information.The Aquatic Center also puts out a weekly newsletter called Wednesday's Waterwords.This has more detailed information about the Aquatic Center operations, program and weekly reminders.

You are also provided with a link to our working calendar for the most up to date information about the events and programming happening at the Aquatic Center.Select the CALENDAR link in the left hand navigation bar for more information.

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