Private Lessons 

Welcome to the Private Learn To Swim Program here at the Aquatic Center. The goal of this program is to provide individual instruction and attention to individuals that may request additional assistant in the process of learning to swim. This program follows the same level descriptions at in the group Learn To Swim program. 

We will take private lesson requests in September 2016.



Please click here and fill in the request form if you are interested in taking private lessons.
All sessions will be scheduled according to your request, facility and instructor availability. 

Please allow for 1 week of processing the scheduling requests. All emails will be answered within 24 hours, unless otherwise noted.

All individual Private Lesson sessions are 30 min in length. Individuals may purchase up to five (5) lessons at a time, also known as a Private Lesson 5 Pack. 

There are currently two (2) available options for private lessons.

1. One (1) individual 30 min session  -  $21
2. Private Lesson 5 Pack  - $85

PLEASE NOTE: Payment is completed after the Operations Supervisor responsible for Private Lessons has scheduled the lesson. Payment can be made at the Front Desk of the Aquatic Center on the first session. The Recreational Assistant will be there to assist you.  

Any questions regarding private lessons at the Aquatic Center can be sent to the Operations Manager responsible for private lessons at