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Call For Proposals

Regional & Branch Campus Administrators

2017 Leadership Conference



The 2017 RBCA Leadership Conference committee is seeking proposals for presentations and panels from deans and others in regional/branch campus senior leadership positions for presentation at the annual conference.

Conference Dates: June 11-14, 2016

Conference Location: Longboat Key Club and Resort, Longboat Key, Florida (near Sarasota)

Conference Theme:

Request for Proposals: Theme and potential topics

Regional or branch campuses are often thought of as "colleges of the community" with strong ties to serving local needs and organizations. There is often reciprocity in support from the community in meeting other campus needs and objectives. Regional campuses also enjoy ties to their home campus and resources that can add depth and robust support. Administrators of the campus can be creative in leveraging support in areas such as academic enhancement, economic development, and cultural enrichment. Areas for such engagement include: vocational and/or public school partnerships, public-private and non-profit partnerships, fundraising, economic development collaboratives, grants, collaboration with other higher education partners, partnerships with community arts and civic organizations, and more.

This conference seeks proposals on partnerships and how leaders of branches effectively use certain approaches to start, motivate, gain support for, leverage, seed, stimulate, and involve others internal and external to the organization in order to obtain optimal results. Similarly, the administrators across organizations may need to use a different approach to the management of unique challenges and more complex organization of work. Presentations of interest may include lessons learned, and the importance and identification of best practices in the areas of collaboration and its organization and management. Being able to characterize why certain partnerships work and are successful is of interest. It is hoped that the conference presentations will cover a variety of partnerships and explain their administrative challenges and processes to ensure success.

Proposals that differ from the stated theme and are of general interest to the audience will also be considered and their submission is encouraged.  Approximately, 6 presentation times are held for this purpose. Such presentations should focus on leadership level development of strategies, managing implementation, organizational issues, and budgetary matters for highly effective and efficient regional campus education.

All proposals will be reviewed by the conference committee and the selection of presentations will be based on a prioritized alignment with the conference theme, perceived audience interest on theme and general interest topics, overall relevance and applicability to many branch campus environments, and perceived quality.

The audience 

The conference is specifically intended for branch campus leaders who function as a chief academic and administrative officer for that site, and who typically hold titles such as Campus President, Provost, Dean, Associate Dean or Campus Director.  The conference encourages attendance by those in leadership roles aspiring to higher levels of leadership in branch campus administration.  Attendees participate in formal presentations, roundtable discussions, and informal networking for their professional development and growth in leadership and campus management. It is a conference presented by senior leadership for senior leadership enhancement.

Presentations may be proposed in one of the following formats:

Formal presentations ideally 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length

Panel presentation/discussion, to include representatives from two or three institutions

Presentations of short papers (about 15 minutes in length)

(No presentation should spend more than a few minutes about the presenter’s campus to provide context with the balance of the time focused on issues, strategies, and management.)

Deadline for all submissions is April 1, 2017. Speakers will be notified of acceptance by Mid-April.

Brief proposals (2 pages maximum) including title, format, length, and a biographical statement (75 words maximum) for each presenter must be submitted as Word documents attached to an email addressed to Jim Smith, Ohio University Lancaster Campus:

RBCA is sponsored by Ohio University’s Office of Regional Higher Education