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Regional and Branch Campus Administrators Conference





2018 Conference: June 10 - 13


Conference Location:   Longboat Key Club and Resort, Longboat Key, Florida (near Sarasota)


Conference Theme:      Overcoming Challenges at Regional Branch Campuses through Change & Collaboration


Regional campuses enjoy ties to their home campus and resources that can add depth and robust support.  The branch benefits from connections to the brand and are directly impacted by policy and funding decisions of governing boards and policy decisions of formal governing bodies (e.g., Faculty Senate), as well as other key committees forming policy.   This conference focuses on:  1. The role of governance, policy, and stakeholder advice at institutions of higher education.  2. What branches may consider in structuring appropriate and respectful means to help such groups understand the role branch campuses serve and collaboratively working with such groups to fulfill their mission.  3. As campus leaders, how can our campuses inform and participate in appropriate forums of shared governance decision making and perhaps shape awareness and an agenda for advancing the regional campus mission?


Who Should Attend?


The conference is specifically intended for leaders of a branch campus that function as a chief academic and administrative officer for that site that typically have the title of Campus President, Provost, Dean, Associate Dean, Campus Director.  The conference encourages attendance by those in leadership roles aspiring to higher levels of leadership in branch campus administration.  It is a conference presented by senior leadership for senior leadership.


RBCA is sponsored by Ohio University's Office of Regional Higher Education.


Program and Schedule