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Advising Schedule

Transition advising for all Regional Campus students will begin in Winter Quarter 2012.

Find Your Transition Advisor

If you are a student in any of the degrees listed below--under the "Find your Program" area--your transition advisor will be your regular advisor. 

If your program is not listed, check under the college/department from which the program is offered or check with your campus student services office.

Make an Advising Appointment

All students will be contacted by e-mail with instructions about how and when to make an appointment for transition advising and will be responsible for following these instructions and keeping their appointment. Your TDCP transition advising should be completed before April 1, 2012.


Prepare for Advising

On the day of your appointment you should:

  • Report to your advisor's office, or the location noted on your transition advising email message
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time
  • Plan to spend at least 30 minutes with your advisor
  • Review the Q2S transition information posted on this Web site
  • Bring a copy of your DARS report
  • Review the blank Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP) posted in the right column (there is a sample so you can see how it may be filled in)

Q2S Program Information


To learn more about the advising process for your program, click on the appropriate link below.


Technical & Applied Studies  (BT5510)  Requirements

Applied Management  (BS5511) (see your advisor for more information)

The following links will take you to the appropriate college/department for the major. If the program you are looking for is not listed, check the college/department list page:

Criminal Justice

Communication Studies

Community Health Services

Early Childhood and Middle Childhood Education

Exercise Physiology

Health Services Administration


Long Term Care Administration

Bachelor of Specialized Studies




Accounting Technology (AA5002)  |  Information Page  |  Requirements Checklist | Program Q2S Contact: Janet Becker,

Business Management  (AA5006)  |  Sample Semester Program Template  |  Program Q2S Contact: Brian Hoyt,

Computer Science (AA5006)  |  Requirements Checklist  |  Program Q2S Contact: Christine Wolfe,

Deaf Studies  (AA5003)  |  Sample Semester Program Template  |  Requirements Checklist (Excel) |  Program Q2S Contact: Becky Brooks,

Electronic Media  (AA5013)  |  Sample Semester Program Template  |  Program Q2S Contact: Don Moore,

Environmental Engineering  (AA5018)  |  Requirements  |  Program Q2S Contact: Mike Lafreniere,

Equine Studies  (AA5017)  |  Sample Semester Program Template  |  Program Q2S Contact: Kelly Hall,

Health Technology  (AA5022)  | Information Page |  Requirements  |  Program Q2S Contact: Debra Smith,

Human Services Technology  (AA5201)  | Information Page  |  Requirements  |  Sample   |  Program Q2S Contact:  Barbara Mahaffey,


Industrial Maintenance  (AA5020)  |  Requirements  |  Program Q2S Contact: Zale Maxwell,


Law Enforcement  (AA5505)  |  Sample Semester Program Template  | Qtr to Sem Comparison  |  Program Q2S Contact: James McKean,

Medical Assisting  (AA5019)  |  Semester Sample Program  |  Program Q2S Contact: Susan Maxwell,

Associate Degree Nursing  (AA2342)  |  Nursing Information Page  |  Program Q2S Contact: Debby Henderson,

Office Technology  (AA5014)  |  Requirements  |  Program Q2S Contact: Allison White,

Regional Campus Resources

Tentative Course Offerings by Campus (regional only)

Class Schedule (regional only)

View list of all OHIO departments/colleges

Check Q2S Resources menu at left for more useful tools and information

Regional Campus Q2S Coordinators

Chillicothe: Cristy Null,
Academic Advising Center Coordinator  740.774.7752

Eastern: Charles Smith,
Instructor  740.699.2517

Lancaster: Dr. Paul Abraham,
Associate Dean  740.654.6711, ext. 211

Southern: Dr. Ella McCown,
Associate Dean  740.533.4542

Zanesville: Dr. Pramod Kanwar,
Associate Professor  740.588.1432 

Document Links


Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP)

RHE TDCP Form - blank - Excel version

RHE TDCP Form - blank - PDF version

RHE TDCP Form - blank fillable PDF


Transition Degree Completion Plan Cover Sheet

TDCP Cover Sheet - blank fillable PDF (for use when no pre-filled sheet is available; please use a pre-filled version when possible to facilitate scanning to the student record)

TDCP Form - sample


Transition Advising Plan (TAP)

RHE TAP Form - blank - Excel Version

RHE TAP Form - blank - PDF Version

RHE TAP Form - sample


RHE TDCP Process

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