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Advising Schedule

Family and Consumer Sciences Education  |  Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism  |  Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development

Transition advising begins Fall 2011.

Find Your Transition Advisor

Athens Campus: Your Q2S advisor will be your regular academic advisor. If you don't know who that is, refer to

Family and Consumer Sciences Education students should see Dr. Ann Paulins.

Dr. Sky Cone's advisees should see Dr. Ann Paulins during fall 2011.

Regional Campus students majoring in the above mentioned majors should contact Ann Paulins to work out and obtain an approved TDCP.

Make and Advising Appointment

Students may contact their advisors at any time to make an appointment.  Advisors will email their advisees prior to Winter Quarter 2012 pre-registration time to alert them to the need to begin advising for Q2S. TDCPs will be initiated in fall, re-visited in Winter 2012, and finalized (signed and approved) in spring 2012.

Prepare for Advising

On the day of your advising appointment, you should report to your advisor's office. Bring any questions that you have and your advising folder, if you have maintained one.


Q2S Questions Contact

For information about the Q2S transition in Human and Consumer Sciences Education, contact:

Ann Paulins


 Fall 2011 Advising
Advising being Fall 2011

Transition Degree Completion Plan

Transition Degree Completion Plan (pdf)




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