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PTAC offers services to businesses that can assist in selling your product or service to government agencies.

1. Computerized bid match services:
We offer a computerized bid match service that electronically scans the Federal Business Opportunities, bulletin boards and Internet home pages to help you locate bids.

2. Certification assistance
We can help determine if you eligible to receive certification from the government. Certification allows you to obtain certain economic and social standing permitting you to reap special benefits. There are a number of certifications available and many government contracts are reserved to only those who hold a certificate. We can assist you in evaluating your eligibility and apply for these certificates.

3. Counseling Assistance
We can provide individualized counseling to help businesses in bid analysis, preparations and strategies, subcontracting opportunities, marketing, conferences and trade shows, complying with award goals and contact management, historical pricing and many other areas.

4. Contracting Bid Board
This service allow businesses to access bids from local agencies. From the Internet you can access bids from county commissioners, township trustees, and city and village planners.

5. Reference Materials
We can assist businesses in obtaining reference material on specific areas such as; contract specifications, military standards, the Federal Acquisitions Regulation, the Defense Federation Acquisition Regulation, Standard Industrial Codes, federal Supply Class, Sizes Standards and North American Industry Classification Systems.

6. Registration Assistance
Most government contracts require that you registrar with the state. We help you gather all the required information and assist with the step-by-step registration process.