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The Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching


Recipient selection is based on excellence in teaching and meritorious academic pursuits both inside and outside the classroom, as acknowledged by peers and students, including teaching practices and innovations, influences on curriculum, student mentoring, colleague mentoring, and scholarship with respect to teaching. Each award recipient will hold the title of Provost Teacher for three years and will receive $1,000 annually ($3,000 total) during that time.


Full-time instructional, non-tenure track faculty from one of Ohio University's campuses.

Selection Committee

The Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching Selection Committee evaluates applicants. The committee, selected by the associate provost for faculty and academic planning is composed of four instructional, non-tenure track faculty, one undergraduate student, and one graduate student. Faculty members on the committee serve three-year rotating terms. Students serve one-year terms.

The committee generally gives one award each year but may elect to not give an award if no applicants meet award standards.


All OHIO faculty, alumni, and students are invited to nominate instructional, non-tenure track faculty. Announcements inviting nominations will be sent out campus-wide during fall semester of each year. Instructional, non-tenure track faculty may be identified by the following titles: Assistant Professor of Instruction, Associate Professor of Instruction, or Professor of Instruction. If you are unsure whether or not the teacher you wish to nominate is in the instructional, non-tenure track classification you may wish to check the person's regional campus, department, or school website. 

Notification of Nomination

All eligible nominees are notified via an e-mail sent to their OHIO email address.

Application Information

Nominated faculty, click here to go to the application information page.

Selection Process

The committee selects up to four finalists based on the merit of their portfolios. Once selected, the committee observes each finalist in the classroom and interviews each finalist. The committee then makes a determination as to which, if any, will receive the award.

A committee representative notifies winners and finalists after the selection process is complete.

If you have questions, please contact Katie Hartman, Associate Provost for Faculty Development (hartmank@ohio.edu)


Previous Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching Winners

Years Faculty Department/School College
2016-2019 Klaus Himmeldirk Chemistry and Biochemistry Arts and Sciences
2017-2020 Jodie Foster Biological Sciences Arts and Sciences
2018-2021 Deborah Murray Applied Sciences and Wellness Health Sciences and Professions
2019-2022 Lauren Elliott-Dorans Political Science Arts and Sciences
2020-2023 Rebecca Barlag Chemistry and Biochemistry Arts and Sciences
2021-2024 Tom Marchese Marketing Business