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Email regarding input for "Draft Strategic Priorities"
sent by Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit 
February 10, 2010



Dear Colleagues:

In January, I sent out emails to faculty, staff, and students describing the six draft university strategic priorities, how we arrived at those priorities, and next steps.  See,  In those emails I called for input from the campus community on the draft priorities by February 15.  I would like to renew that call as the deadline is approaching. 

The draft priorities and their preliminary definitions include:         

Enrollment Management

Enrollment management is a data-driven approach that assists the university in realizing and maintaining optimal enrollments.  It includes ensuring continuing affordability in the state in comparison to comparable institutions and academic marketing efforts.

Improve the Balance Sheet & Financial Strength

Managing university fiscal and capital resources through a variety of strategies is essential to our ability to remain a transformational academic community.

Strengthen the Curriculum Through Q2S

With a change in calendars a singular opportunity exists to transform curriculum across the institution.  The changes brought about by the transition to semesters also will lay the groundwork for future conversations about strengthening the curriculum.

Refine Our Graduate and Professional Portfolio

In order to strengthen research, creative activity and graduate and professional education, we must continue to refine our graduate and professional portfolio through USO Centers of Excellence and the identification of emerging Centers of Excellence and Programs of Distinction at Ohio University.

Faculty, Classified, and Administrative Compensation

To maintain a strong faculty and staff, Ohio University needs to make investments in talented individuals who are dedicated to shaping the future of the institution.  While work on improving the compensation of each group should be pursued, strategically improving faculty compensation is important for the continued success of our academic programs.

Successfully Launch and Execute a $350 M Capital Campaign

The campaign provides a chance to build community and it will strengthen the ability of the university to support through philanthropic dollars the best faculty, students, and academic initiatives.

Your input on the priorities and their definitions is needed. 

Please send your thoughts and observations by February 15, 2010 to or to the leader of your constituent group:

Joe McLaughlin, Faculty Senate,

Tammy Jordan, Classified Senate,

Beth Lydic, Administrative Senate,

Robert Leary, Student Senate,

Tracy Kelly, Graduate Student Senate,

Your contributions will be shared with the Vision Ohio Steering Committee and the Deans and Executive Staff.



Pam Benoit

Executive Vice President and Provost

Ohio University
Athens, Ohio 45701
(740) 593-1000
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