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Executive Vice President and Provost

Photo of Elizabeth Sayrs

Elizabeth Sayrs, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost 

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Administrative Staff

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Deans & Directors              Executive Staff

Mary Brown
Resource Analyst, Cutler Business Services
Cutler Hall 008
Claire Carson
Accounting Support Specialist, Cutler Business Services
Cutler Hall 008
Kim Hayden
Executive Assistant to the Executive Dean & Vice Provost
Cutler Hall 306
Rosanna Howard
Director of Operations & Budget for Regional Higher Education
Cutler Hall 307
Candy Johnson
Executive Assistant for Enrollment Mgt. & Instructional Innovation
Cutler Hall 313
Anita Leach
Executive Assistant for Academic Planning
Cutler Hall 310
Barbara Mash
Executive Assistant to the VPFA & EVPP
Cutler Hall 209
Laura Risler
Strategic Initiatives and Projects Coordinator; Web Editor
Cutler Hall 208
Sheila Schultz
Strategies and Resources Director
Cutler Hall 208C
Dawn Weiser
Special Assistant to the VPFA & EVPP
Cutler Hall 206