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Variants of RCM started with Havard's "Each Tub on its Own Bottom" management system and first appeared in public institutions in the 1970s with Penn State's Responsibility Centered Management and subsequent versions such as USC's Revenue Center Management and Indiana's Responsibility Centered Budgeting.  Much has been written describing these implementations and assessing the impact of these systems.  The links below are a selection of some of these readings.

  • Curry-Strauss RCM.pdf   A comprehensive review of 25 years of history of RCM implementations. Includes principles, suggestions and guidelines as well as answers to common criticisms of RCM systems.
  • Incentives for Managed Growth.pdf    A case study of the implementation of its Incentives for Managed Growth (IMG) system.  This article provides some history of incentive based budgeting systems like RCM in general and specifically at Minnesota.  The results of internal evaluations of the performance of the new system are reported as well as the implications of this experience for RCM implementations in general.
  • int_bud_model_overview.pdf  A 2006 update and status of the Minnesota IMG systems 15 years after implementation
  • RCM Review Committee Indiana University.pdf   A 1996 report of an analysis done by the RCM Review Committee at Indiana University specifically addressing the impact of its implementation on academic quality
  • 2000 RCM Review.pdf  A 2000 comprehensive review of RCM at Indiana University Bloomington 10 years after initial implementation.
  • RCM Overivew @ Indiana.pdf A 2010 review of RCM at Indiana University Bloomington looking at how their RCM model has evolved over 20 years
  • Ohio State Budget_Allocation_Presentation.pdf A presenation on the Ohio State version of RCM