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Vision OHIO RCM Implementation Team Presentations and Reports/

Consideration of the development of an alternative to our current incremental budgeting system grew out of the Vision Ohio strategic plan as a critical component for supporting the initiatives in that plan. The Resources Implementation Team was the committee that provided the initial recommendation to adopt an RCM system and provided detailed recommendations for how that implementation should be handled. The reports and presentations arising out of that effort in 2005 are here:

The Case for a New University Budgeting System - 12-14.doc This document outlines the rationale for changing to a new budgeting system and provides the membership, charge and structure of the committee

Budget Model Open Forum Presentation.ppt; This is the presentation given (December 2005)at the first set of open forums that covered the formation, charge and timeline for the committee.

Forum on Budget Model Principles - Final.doc This document (April 2006) provides recommendations for the principles and approaches that should be used as part of the RCM implementation

Resources Implementation Team Report Final.doc This document is the final report (June 2006) from the committee outlining the process used and final recommendations for the implementation

Using these recommendations, a working group consisting of the provost's office and deans took the recommendations from the Implementation Team and constructed the first version of a model to see how the revenue attribution and cost allocation details could be applied in our budget environment. These initial ideas and algorithms were presented in a series of open forums in the spring of 2007. That presentation is here: New Budget Model-Spring 2007.ppt