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Program Innovation Accelerator

Both the Academic Planning and Strategy Group and the International Opportunities Think Tank recommended support for the development of innovative academic programs. The academic Program Innovation Accelerator (PIA) was started as a next step in academic planning process to launch academic programs and non-standard program with support from the Provost’s office. 

Under the PIA, the Provost’s office will work with campus partners to provide information and contacts to highlight existing university resources that support curriculum reform, develop and advertise new initiatives and opportunities, and support faculty focused on curricular innovation.

The PIA provides:

  • Curricular support
    • course and program updates
    • streamlining an academic program
    • developing and implementing general education reform
    • submitting an 1804 grant to fund a curricular innovation
  • Online Program development
    • restructuring course delivery
    • new online program development
    • adding a fully online modality to an existing academic program
  • Investment support (see Program Investment Request) to support new programs or significant program innovation, including but not limited;
    • faculty lines
    • new and updated facilities
    • program development support
    • new equipment 
  • Other curricular and/or pedagogical innovations. 

The Provost's office will also work with colleges to provide referrals to campus partners to support curriculum reform and innovation and help connect faculty to university offices and partners or faculty in other colleges/planning units to promote discussion and collaboration more preliminary discussion.