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Presidential Teacher Application Guidelines


Nominated faculty who meet the eligibility requirements stated in the endowment (Group I, tenured, full-time members of the faculty from any of Ohio University’s campuses) will receive an email notifying them of their nomination and inviting them to apply. Nominees who wish to be considered must submit a teaching portfolio electronically in either Microsoft Word or PDF format, to Anita Leach ( no later than midnight on Friday, November 2, 2018. Each portfolio should be between 15-20 typed pages using 1.5 line spacing, a 12 point font, one inch margins, and headers with your name and page numbers. Appendices will not be accepted.


Cover Page
Table of Contents
Teaching Philosophy (1-2 pages)
List of courses taught and numbers of students enrolled for the last two years
List of numerical averages from student evaluations for the last two years, with dept. averages
Teaching Schedule for both fall and spring semesters


Teaching Practices and Innovations
Statement of how student progress is measured, i.e., grading practices, grade distributions, etc.
Description of how you integrate recent theories and methodologies into your classes
Description of your instructional methodology in relation to your discipline
Design and implementation of instructional approaches

Curriculum developed
Influence on curriculum

Mentoring and Advising Students
Undergraduate advising activities related to career and curriculum
Thesis and dissertation advising

Mentoring Faculty in Regard to Instruction
Description of activities in regard to mentoring faculty

Scholarship with Respect to Teaching
Grants received in relation to teaching

If you have questions, please contact Anita Leach ( or Howard Dewald (