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Presidential Teacher Award Nomination

Nominations for the award will be accepted from September 8 through September 18, 2017.


Tenured, full-time faculty (Group I) are eligible to be nominated for this award. 

Group I faculty may be identified by the following titles: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. If you are unsure whether or not the teacher you wish to nominate is in the Group I classification you may wish to check the person's regional campus, department, or school website.

While multiple nominations for the same person are gladly accepted, they do not increase that person's chances of being selected as a Presidential Teacher.

Please use your Ohio University (Oak) e-mail address if possible. Your e-mail address is needed so that we can notify you that we have received and processed your nomination.

Nominations are welcome from all Ohio University students, faculty, and alumni.
In 3-4 sentences describe why this person is an excellent teacher