Ohio University

One OHIO Faculty Considerations

Regional Higher Education Faculty Integration

Several important considerations related to the integration of Regional Higher Education faculty members into Athens colleges are explained below. For more detailed information about the OneOHIO integration, please visit https://www.ohio.edu/one-ohio.

1)   While regional campus faculty will have a tenure home with their Athens department, they still have a primary campus on one of the regional campuses.

2)   Athens and RHE workloads will continue to be different for most faculty members. Regional campus faculty primarily teach associate and bachelor’s degree courses and students, while Athens campus faculty primarily teach bachelor’s, Masters, and doctoral students, and their teaching loads will continue to reflect these different emphases.

3)   Research/scholarship/creative activity and service expectations for regional campus faculty members for promotion and tenure must reflect their higher teaching requirements, including expectations for promotion to professor. Expectations for annual evaluations should similarly reflect higher teaching loads.

4)   Per the One OHIO Faculty Integration Recommendations, “Evaluation of faculty, regarding teaching as well as service and research, should be conducted with input from peers and leadership relevant to each faculty member’s campus setting, workload, available resources, and other relevant circumstances.” P&T guidelines should specify how input from appropriate RHE peers and leadership will be included for regional campus faculty.

5)   Regional campus faculty may still have regional campus service requirements as well as Athens campus service for their department. When assigning service, chairs should avoid doubling service obligations for regional campus faculty. Promotion, tenure, and annual evaluation criteria should recognize and value service on both the regional and Athens campuses.