Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning 

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The Expert Directory showcases top faculty and researchers.


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Overloads and Teaching Rates

These minimum rates are for courses with enrollments consistent with the standards defined by the college. Pay rates can be prorated for classes with lower enrollments.



Rates for 2015-16 are the same as for 2014-15 since there was a large increase in the 14-15 rates when the summer and overload rates were consolidated and these are intended as minimum compensation levels.


Academic Year 2014-2015 PART-TIME/OVERLOAD TEACHING RATES  (updated 5/30/14)



Faculty Overloads

In accordance with Ohio University Faculty Handbook Section II.N, faculty cannot earn, from all sources connected with Ohio University, more than twenty-five percent (25%) beyond the salary amount specified for full-time service to the institution.

Compensation earned during periods when an individual is not under full-time contract, such during summer session teaching or during a summer research contract for faculty on 9-month contracts, is not considered overload compensation.

Information regarding how to process overloads at or under the 25% maximum, can be found on the Payroll website at: 

Overloads Exceeding 25% of Salary

Overloads exceeding the 25% maximum must have the prior approval of the department chairperson or school director, the college dean, and the office of the executive vice president and provost (EVPP).

These overloads cannot be submitted using Payroll's electronic system. Both an Overload Request Form and an Overload Appointment Form must be filled out, signed by the appropriate persons.

Submit both forms to the associate provost for faculty and academic planning (Cutler Hall 3rd floor) for review PRIOR to beginning overload work.

If time constraints prevent units from obtaining prior written approval, the unit representative should contact Howard Dewald at 740-593-2600 to expedite the overload review process. 

Overload Request Form (needed for overloads over 25% of salary)

Overload Appointment (payroll) Form

Note! Forms are updated regularly. Please do not save them to your computer.