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Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning 

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Faculty Fellowship Leave Program

Faculty requesting fellowships for academic year 2017-2018 will submit their applications, following their department, school, college, or regional campus guidelines, by the first day of spring semester of academic year 2016-2017 (Monday, January 9, 2017).


First day of Spring Semester: faculty submit written applications according to department/school/college/regional campus guidelines.

From Date of Submission - February 14: department/school/college/regional campus reviews applications

On or before February 15: Deans' offices submit approved applications for review by the executive vice president and provost and the university president. 

Athens Campus: submit to the associate provost for faculty and academic planning. Attention: Anita Leach, Cutler Hall 310. 
Regional Campuses: submit to the executive dean for regional higher education. Attention: Kim Hayden, Cutler Hall, 306

On or before March 15  - Executive vice president and provost sends written notification of approval/denial to applicant.(Subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees at their next meeting.)



Each faculty fellowship proposal submitted to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost will include the following:

I.  Faculty Fellowship Recommendation Form (see link above) with appropriate signatures.
Click here to download the form.

If you have problems filling out the form, please contact Anita Leach (leacha@ohio.edu).


II. Letters of Recommendation from each signatory on the recommendation form.

III.  Proposal Summary - a very brief document, no more than one typed double-spaced page, 12 pt font, and include the following information:

Semesters requested  - must match data on the request for Project description - a brief description outlining your planned activities

Location(s) - general information

Collaboration - if work with other researchers or scholars is planned, list their names and positions

Professional Development - provide a very brief statement of how this leave will benefit you professionally and, as a result, the department, college, and Ohio University.

IV.  Proposal - this document should contain a more complete description of the proposed work than the summary. Departments or schools may have specific requirements or may choose to use the format below.

Length - 750 word minimum. Proposals are rarely longer than 1500 words

Format - 12 pt font, 1.5 or double-spaced, at least .5 inch margin

Background Information - as appropriate to the proposed work

Objectives - what do you hope to accomplish during the fellowship

Activities - the activities you have planned to achieve your objectives (described in some detail) with general time-lines for each - if several differing activities are planned, provide an estimate of how much time will be spent on each.  If project involves completing a manuscript or other project, briefly indicate how much work is finished and how much remains to be completed

Location(s) - where activities will take place - if travel is involved, including visits to libraries, institutes, etc., it is useful to have this outlined as clearly as possible

Professional Development - Relationship of the proposed activities to your own professional development and to the betterment of the department, college, and Ohio University

V.  Plan for Coverage - the chair, director, or regional campus dean/dean's designee will include a plan regarding how the department, school, or regional campus will cover the faculty member's teaching load and other responsibilities, without additional cost, while she/he is on leave.  While exact, complete details are not required, the plan needs to indicate how courses will be covered.  A generic statement that courses will be covered by existing faculty is too general and unacceptable.  Please outline which courses would regularly have been taught and provide a description on how these can be covered with existing/anticipated faculty. 

VI.  Current Curriculum Vitae



Faculty requesting leaves should make every effort to ensure the leave application, including the academic terms of the leave, is accurate and can be fulfilled as written. 

However, given that unforeseen opportunities or difficulties can occur, changes to leaves can be requested. Requests for changes to leaves, including academic terms of leave, shall be submitted in writing through the same channels as that of the original leave request.

After approval by the chair/director and dean, the request is submitted to the Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning (Attention: Anita Leach, Cutler Hall 310, leacha@ohio.edu) for provost office review.  Upon review, the chair/director and dean will be notified of the decision. When there are changes to the length/academic terms of the leave, provost office staff will inform human resources and payroll.

Please note, that in some cases, such as an increase in the length of the leave, additional information may be requested before the provost office can approve a change.



According to the Ohio University Faculty Handbook, Section V.A.4, a Fellowship leave may consist of one semester at full pay or two semesters at two-thirds pay.  These rates are to be applied to the pay the faculty member normally would receive during the semesters in which he/she is to be on leave.



Per the Ohio University Faculty Handbook, a report on the completed University Fellowship leave shall be submitted in writing, through the same channels as the request for leave, within three months following the return of the faculty member to his/her teaching duties at Ohio University. The department, school, or regional campus's evaluation of the report will play a significant role in the granting of future University Fellowships.

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost has no specific requirements regarding the format or length of the report.  For the office's purposes, a brief 2-5 page overview of activities and outcomes of the fellowship leave is sufficient.  Should the college, department, regional campus, etc. have specific requirements for the report, the EVPP office will gladly accept those reports as written.  When writing a report, please do include your name and the academic year and term(s) of your leave in the header of each page.

Reports for the Provost are to be submitted to the Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning, Attention: Anita Leach either electronically (leacha@ohio.edu) or in hard copy (Cutler Hall 310).


Additional information regarding Faculty Fellowship Leaves may be found in the Faculty Handbook.