Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning 

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Deans' Evaluations


Each year, deans undergoing annual or comprehensive reviews provide a written goals and accomplishments statement.
Those statements are posted on this page.



Electronic Dean Evaluation Process


As in the past, Institutional Research staff will aggregate the responses and compile the written comments for each evaluation committee. In keeping with the guidelines of the Faculty Handbook, appropriate measures are taken to ensure process security and responders' anonymity.

By clicking on the link in the email from the Executive Vice President and Provost, responders will be directed to a secure Web server accessed using their OHIO IDs and passwords. This is a security measure only used to ensure that access to the evaluation is restricted to faculty and others within the college or regional campus who will evaluate the dean. IDs and passwords are not recorded with responses.

Along with the link, the email will include a randomly-generated ID number. This security measure is needed to prevent duplicate and invalid responses. The ID number will not be associated with responders' IDs or email addresses. The email list used to generate the messages to responders will be deleted.

Altering or deleting the ID number will prevent evaluations from being recorded for analysis.

Because the ID number is unique to a specific response, more than one person cannot use the same number. Doing so causes duplications. Duplicates of completed survey forms will not be included in the evaluation data.

If you have questions about the electronic evaluation process or the evaluation instrument, please contact Brandon Wolfe ( in the Office of Institutional Research.