Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning 

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Faculty and Academic Planning

Faculty and Academic Planning Calendar for 2018-2019

Our office uses this calendar to help keep us on task regarding deadlines and other matters throughout the year. Several units find the calendar helpful.


Faculty and Academic Planning Staff

Howard Dewald, Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning, Professor of Chemistry, 740.593.2577, Cutler Hall 309

Marlene Poches, Executive Assistant for Faculty and Academic Planning, 740.593.9877, Cutler Hall 305

Patrick Barr-Melej, Provost Faculty Fellow for Program Reviews, Professor of History, 740.597.1851, Bentley Annex 435

Contact Patrick Barr-Melej regarding:

Program review processes.
Click here to view the program review website.
(Contact Anita regarding funding for program reviews.)


Contact Marlene regarding:
Contact Howard regarding:

Information and direction regarding academic processes, timelines,
meetings with Howard, etc.
(see below)

Complex or unusual academic issues,
faculty personnel matters, executive
level decisions, etc.
(see below)

Academic Processes
and Timelines

Deans' Evaluations
Early Retirement
Emeritus / Emerita Nominations
Faculty Fellowships (sabbaticals)
Faculty Fellowship reports
Faculty Promotion / Tenure Review
(Group I, Group II, Clinical)
Glidden Visiting Professorships
Overloads - Faculty
(exceeding 25% of total salary)
Probationary Period Extensions
(Group I Faculty)
Program Review - Financial Support
Sick Leave Conversion - Faculty
Temporary Course Approvals
Transfer Evaluation System (TES)
Unpaid Leaves of Absence - faculty


Assistant Deans Council
Chairs and Directors Council

Tuition appeals


Distinguished Professor Lecture
Faculty Awards Recognition Ceremony
New Chairs and Directors Orientation
New Faculty Welcome

Faculty Awards

Presidential Teacher Award
Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Website - Information and Updates

Faculty & Academic Planning Website
Provost Website
Program Reviews Website

Academic Processes

Deans' Evaluations
Temporary Course Approvals

Academic & Curricular Matters

New programs
Program curricular changes
Program name changes
Curricular issues

ODHE submission and approval for
new programs, program changes,
program name changes, etc.
(undergraduate and graduate)

Affiliation & Reciprocity Agreements

Board of Trustees Agenda Items
Academic / Faculty


Faculty Matters

Academic Matters
Personnel Matters
Probationary Period Changes
Faculty Fellowships (sabbaticals)
Promotion / Tenure Concerns
Promotion / Tenure - Appealing Denials
Unpaid Leaves of Absence
Early Retirement


State of Ohio and Ohio Department
of Higher Education initiatives

Transfer Pathways
Duplicate Programs
Articulation and Transfer


Policies and Procedures