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Dr. Purba Das
December 04, 2018 : Ohio Southern Faculty Appointed to University Commission on Status of Women
A faculty member at Ohio University Southern has been appointed to the University’s Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. Purba Das, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Campus Program Liaison for Communication Studies will serve on the commission, which is comprised of more than twenty faculty, staff, students and community members.
Nicole Pennington, Dean of Ohio Southern, said Dr. Das is a wonderful choice for the appointment to the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. “She is such an amazing role model for professional women. I know that she will be a valuable contributor to this group,” Pennington said.
The Presidential Commission on the Status of Women is charged evaluating and analyzing the current state of gender equality on campus, and to recommend and bring awareness to policies, initiatives and resources that are key in maintaining a safe, equitable and inclusive climate for women at Ohio University. The Commission will prioritize work that does not fall under the purview of the Presidential Advisory Council on Sexual Misconduct, and will focus on other issues within educational access to male dominated environments, equity within the workplace (including promotions, pay equity, and benefits), climate surveys, family friendly environments, and recognizing more feminized labor that has historically been undervalued including service work.
Das has long had an interest in women’s issues and is excited to begin work as a member of the commission. “It is an important commission that could systematically address the status of women and assess gender equality on campus in ways in which that creates a safer environment for women within the university,” Das said.
Ohio University is dedicated to diversity and inclusion at all levels. This Commission will work to ensure that gender diversity and women’s issues remain at the forefront of Ohio University’s mission and awareness.
The Commission will provide a summary of work completed and future recommendations will be presented to the President by May of each academic year.