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Bobcat Bash 2017
November 14, 2017 : Ohio University Proctorville Center’s Bobcat Bash serving family fun for 25 years
Described as a hometown, backyard barbeque, the Bobcat Bash volleyball tournament has become much more since it was first hosted by the Ohio University Proctorville Center 25 years ago – it’s become a tradition. Saturday, Nov. 4 nearly 300 people came out for family fun, food and friendly competition.
2017 Bobcat Bash winners Unprotected Sets

2017 Bobcat Bash winners Unprotected Sets

Director of the Proctorville Center Stephanie Burcham credits the success of the Bobcat Bash to the commitment of the former and current faculty and staff members, student employees and community members who dedicate a significant amount of time to planning and executing the event.
Retired art instructor Gary Tillis and retired history professor Bob Leith co-founded the event 1992. Tillis – who has only missed a couple of Bobcat Bashes since its inception—contributed his time and skills to make the event a success this year, also.
“We hoped that this would be an event would be successful and something that we could do long-term. I never dreamed we’d still be hosting it 25 years later, though,” Burcham said.
She added, “Numerous members of our campus community dedicate their Saturday to attending the Bobcat Bash – we couldn’t do this without them. Several students have told me how much the faculty and staff participation this means to them. Everyone really seems to enjoy interacting with each other in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.”
Ohio University Southern student Marlee Gilmore has been coming to the Bobcat Bash for nine years. Gilmore’s mother, Jenny, involved her family in the event after being a student herself.
Gilmore said, “I started coming with my Mom when I was 12-years-old, and my best friend Megan used to come with us, too. Meghan and I are both students now, and our families and friends all look forward to the Bash every year.”
For the Gilmores, it looks like both the Bobcat Bash and Ohio University Southern tradition will continue. “My little sister volunteered this year, and she just filled out an application to start her degree next year,” she said.
Don’t be fooled. The competition is friendly but fierce each year. Student Brett Curry is proud to have been on the winning team, Unprotected Sets, for the second year in a row. Curry said, “I’ve participated in this event for the past three years, and my team is currently reigning champions, so it is safe to we look forward to returning next year to defend our title.”
He added, “To me, the Bobcat Bash is such a special event. It is a great opportunity to meet people from the community as well as new students playing volleyball.”
The team XC and the OGs placed second in the tournament, and Sneaky Snakes took home third place.