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Bobcat Bash


On Saturday November 1st, 2014 the 22nd Annual Bobcat Bash was be held at the Ohio University Proctorville Center. For more information, click here.






Proctorville Center Welcomes Crowd for Community Education Seminar
More than 100 people attended a community education seminar on the benefits of the Paleo Diet at the Proctorville Center. The featured speaker, Dr. Jane Kurucz, spoke about the popular healthy lifestyle diet that is based upon everyday, modern foods that mimic the food groups of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors.  Many of these food choices are believed to help optimize overall health, minimize the risk of chronic disease, support weight loss, and assist in hormonal balance.
The seminar was the first in a series of community education topics planned for the Proctorville Center. “We are truly blessed to have continued support throughout our community. Because of their generosity, this facility is here and has become a focal point of learning. It’s great to be able to give back in a way that affords us the opportunity to thank them and also welcome new people,” said Director Stephanie Burcham.
For those who listened intently as Dr. Kurucz shared facts and tips about healthy eating and exercise as a lifestyle, many in the room were first-time visitors to the Proctorville Center and were surprised by what it has to offer. “I really didn’t know this was here before today. I knew there were classrooms here, but I think it’s great to offer this kind of program to the community.  This facility is beautiful and it should not be a best-kept secret.  I live barely ten minutes from here and would love to come back for more things like this,” said Emma Williams, a resident of Huntington, West Virginia.
Throughout the two-hour presentation, Dr. Kurucz relayed practical and relevant details about the Paleo Diet to the crowd. The former breast cancer surgeon who now focuses her efforts on helping patients and others improve their health and achieve such goals as disease prevention and treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity.  “It does take a commitment to make better choices.  This is really more about a lifestyle than fad dieting.  The goal here is to empower others to make changes that will help them live a longer, more active and fulfilling life,” she said.
Ron Henderson, an Ironton resident, attended the seminar with his wife and sister. He admits the information provided plenty of food for thought. “I thought it was great. There are things I will do to make changes in my diet starting tomorrow. This is the kind of thing we need in our area,” he said.
For sure, there is more to come from the Proctorville Center. Evelyn Capper, community relations coordinator for the Ohio University Proctorville Center, got some great ideas for future topics from those who attended last night. ”It’s always good to get feedback from people about what they want to see and hear. Looking around this room and seeing every chair filled tells me we’re on the right track.”