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Best Practices


  -  Both screen and printer fonts are necessary.

  -  Include fonts that are in your EPS graphic files.
  -  Visit for more tips.

Page Design

  -  Remember to align your design's colors and typography with Ohio University's existing brand standards.
     Visit OHIO's Brand Center for additional guidance.

  -  All graphic files should always be included with the final document.

  -  Do not send single page documents, it is very time-consuming to process them.

  -  Do not specify rules as hairline.

  -  Bleed should be extended past the edge of the document.

  -  For folding, each panel must be short as the pages roll inward.

  -  For trapping, do not misuse overprint.

  -  Resolution should be no less than 900-1200dpi.

  -  Excessive sizing of images in page layout.

  -  Remember to properly identify colors as "spot" or CMYK.
  -  Visit for additional tips/tricks for page design

Packaging the job

  -  Avoid confusing or incomplete job communications.

  -  Provide a hard copy of your print job to provide our team with a visual reference.
  -  Visit for more helpful tips.


  -  Remember to package your PDF file with the appropriate crop and bleed marks.

  -  Always preview the finished PDF before sending.

  -  Visit for additional tips.