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COVID-19 Campus Signage

Stay safe, Bobcats! A catalog of signs, posters, and digital assets featuring health and safety guidance related to COVID-19 has been created to display throughout all of Ohio University’s campuses and locations.

Signage will be centrally produced and installed for re-entry signage at building entrances and exits only across campuses and locations.

Individual units may choose to add additional or department-specific signage to their workspace. Please choose from the selection below for display as needed.


Ordering Instructions

Orders can be placed by emailing printing@ohio.edu. Each sign is numbered to allow clear communication while ordering. Please include information about the desired type of sign, size, and material. If you aren't sure about these details, share your needs and goals with Printing Services and we can make recommendations. 

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Custom Signs 

If you don't see what you need in the catalog, custom phrasing and sizing is available. If you need to customize signs for your unit, contact printing@ohio.edu.  

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General COVID-19 Reminder

A general COVID reminder sign with the header "Stop the spread of germs"


Face Covering Reminders

Sign that says: Be safe Bobcats! Please wear a face mask or face covering!

Sign that says: Safety first. Masks required beyond this point.

Hygiene Reminders

A sign that explains proper handwashing


Sign that says: Please use hand santizer


Sign that says: Employees must wash hands


Sign that says: Notice. Wipe down your work area regularly


Sign that says: Safety first. Sanitize hands before and after using timeclock to avoid contamination by COVID-19


Shared Equipment and Space

Sign that says: This equipment is offline


Service and Access Changes

Sign that says: Be safe Bobcats! Staff are working remotely. Please call [blank] for assistance


Sign that says: Be safe Bobcats! Hours of Operation