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Ohio University invites applications and nominations for the position of president. OHIO’s next president will be an experienced leader with the vision and leadership qualities to build on the institution’s already illustrious reputation and continue to develop it to even higher levels of academic and research excellence, student success, and community and global impact.

The new president must express a passion for the mission of public education and understand the important social and economic roles Ohio University plays in the region and state. The new president must be able to eloquently articulate the institution’s values to diverse audiences both through written and verbal communications; serve as a persuasive advocate for the University at the state, national, and international level; and lead efforts to raise new resources from the University’s many and broadly-based constituents. Ohio University’s next president will have the unique opportunity to lead a vibrant, innovative, and stable University towards future successes, to work directly with an outstanding Board and senior leadership team, and to reside in a beautiful region of southeastern Ohio.

Established in 1804, Ohio University is one of the nation’s first and most historic universities. A teaching-focused, student-centered, research institution of over 40,000 students served on multiple sites throughout the state (with the main campus located in southeastern Ohio). The University extensively supports scholarship, as well as economic development and commercialization endeavors, and is known for many nationally/internationally recognized research and graduate programs. The exceptionally qualified and committed faculty, staff, and students are very proud of Ohio University’s continued achievements and its reputation for providing students with the nation’s best transformative learning community.

The president will work effectively with the chair and trustees of Ohio University’s Board in pursuit of the strategic initiatives that will further strengthen the University and the community. The president will embrace the institution’s commitment to excellence in teaching, quality scholarship, and research. The president will strengthen and foster a vibrant and diverse community of students, faculty, and staff, enhancing relationships with alumni, parents, community leaders, elected officials, and others closely associated with the University. Finally, the president will lead by modeling character, passion, integrity, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Inquiries should be sent via e-mail to the University’s consultants, John K. Thornburgh, Dennis M. Barden, and Melissa Fincher at OhioUniversityPresident@wittkieffer.com . It is expected that the president will be chosen by March 2017 and will assume the presidency no later than the summer of 2017. To receive full consideration, expressions of interest should be received by November 7, 2016.

It is expected that the president will be chosen by March 2017 and will assume the presidency no later than the summer of 2017. Please note that while every effort will be made to preserve candidate confidentiality until after the search is completed, this process is subject to the Ohio open government laws. 


To officially apply, please submit your Curriculum Vitae to trustees@ohio.edu.