Ohio University's Mission and Vision

In Fall of 2023, President Lori Stewart Gonzalez charged a small group of University leaders and experts with the task of reviewing and refreshing the University Mission and Vision, which was last fully updated in 2007. The resulting draft on this webpage will be considered for approval by the Ohio University Board of Trustees at its June 2024 meeting.

The Preamble

When the United States Congress adopted the Ordinance of 1787, Ohio University became the first university to be chartered through an act of Congress. Its purpose then – to expand the reach of education – has not changed. We are committed to removing barriers to a world-class higher education and the lifelong benefits it offers, and educating students to be distinctively-prepared professionals, dynamic leaders and thoughtful citizens who contribute to the greater good. 

Situated at the meeting point of America’s Northeast, Midwest and Southeast regions, we bring together students from down the street and around the world to a university community focused entirely on their success and deeply committed to delivering value, through both affordability and experiences that promise a return on the investment. As a national, R1 research institution, we engage students in transformational research with a focus on inquiry and creativity that impacts communities, here in Appalachia and around the world. Our approach to learning in and through community fosters connections that expand each student’s view of the world and influence the impact they will have on it, today and forever.

Our Mission

To hold the door open to higher education so that all those eager to solve humanity's most urgent challenges might enter to learn, connecting them with experiences and discovery that will help them think critically, care deeply, lead boldly, and ultimately depart to serve

Our Vision

To deliver the most valuable university education in Ohio, and lead as one of the most valued public universities in the nation.

  • For students, we will connect each student with personalized experiences that ensure their lifelong success while maximizing opportunities for an affordable education. 
  • For communities and partners, we will be eager collaborators in addressing challenges and advancing opportunities.
  • For our state, we will remain committed to serving students in and recruiting students to Ohio and be actively responsive to evolving workforce and educational needs.
  • For all, we will invest in research and creativity that translates to solutions, delivering value far beyond Ohio’s borders.

Our Values

  • We believe that a University education can and should be both academically excellent and accessible to all who seek it. 
  • We fully embrace that the educational experience, at its best, can and must ensure success for every student.
  • We are confident that learning happens in community and through experiences, and we work to build both into all programs and modalities, in and out of the classroom.
  • We are committed to working with business and community partners, not by delivering knowledge already achieved but by collaborating to build new knowledge together. 
  • We recognize that our place in the world has value in our work – that what we can teach and learn in the heart of Appalachia can shape the success of our region and be applied far beyond these 13 states. 
  • We expect respect across differences and recognize our responsibility to practice empathy, to appreciate diverse perspectives and cultures, and to develop the capacity to solve problems that transcend borders. 
  • We remain resolute that students enter to learn and depart to serve, and we work to inspire students to apply their education to improve the world.