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Student Success: Leading Retention, Persistence, and Completion

Student success is a primary focus of our University and reflects our core commitment: We expect every student who comes to our campuses to graduate in a timely manner. Improvement of student retention, persistence, and completion of degrees also allows us to fully realize the return on our increasingly significant pre-enrollment investment in recruitment and yield efforts.

Our students—across many campuses and online environments—come from increasingly diverse backgrounds and experiences that require varied approaches to ensure they thrive. The success of this initiative is closely tied to other elements of the strategy, including general education redesign, diversity and inclusion efforts, enrollment management, data analytics, and scholarship leveraging.

Graduating students wave to the crowd during the commencement ceremony in the Convo

In pursuing this initiative, we will:

  • Identify and deploy data-driven methodologies that are central to identifying, implementing, and assessing student success initiatives
  • Develop and adopt innovative student success intervention and programming that reflect the differing needs and goals of many student populations
  • Build an intentional culture of inclusion to meet the individual success and retention of an increasingly diverse student body that results in closing gaps in student success rates, with a focus on first-generation students, multicultural students, and Pell-eligible students on the Athens campus, and a focus on first-generation and Pell-eligible students on the regional campuses
  • Achieve national recognition for inclusivity
  • Increase diversity (race, ethnicity, and gender) of faculty within the academic colleges (each college should set their own goals in relation to growth areas)
  • Increase first-time, first-year retention on the Athens and regional campuses over five years
  • Increase second- and third-year persistence
  • Increase 4-year and 6-year graduation rates on the Athens campus
  • Increase 2- and 4-year completion rates on regional campuses
  • Leverage the digital transformation strategy to identify and remove institutional barriers to student success, and realign student support services to support this strategy
  • Ensure co-curricular engagements measurably impact student experiences
  • Positively impact appropriate national rankings through improved student success and enhanced inclusion