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Build a Dynamic Budget Model and Rebalance Budgets

The University will transition away from the current budget model that relies heavily on RCM principles and allocations based on prior year(s) performance. As we move away from RCM, the University will implement a simplified, transparent hybrid model that is dynamic and focused on the future impacts of existing trends, enrollments, and investments. This streamlined model will provide more clarity about resource allocations to support strategic goals and ensure a sustainable financial future.


Our enrollments have declined while our institutional expenses have increased. Our operating budgets must be resized to balance our revenues and expenses. Since FY17, Ohio University has implemented administrative reductions and established academic strategies to rebalance the operating budget. As we continue to reimagine OHIO’s academic enterprise through the University’s 2025 Strategic Plan, we are committed to:

  • Enacting administrative and academic benchmarking to right-size the institution
  • Investing in growing programs and developing new programs and certificates to poise the institution for strengthened academic quality and offerings
  • Exploring restructuring traditional campus, college, departmental, and administrative unit functions to ensure fiscal sustainability
  • Developing a budgetary model that is streamlined, data-driven, and more easily utilized by college and administrative units